Settling a Truck Related Accident Claim

Settling a Truck Related Accident Claim

Settling a Truck Related Accident Claim

In car accidents, there are many factors that affects the range of damage of the said event, even after the car crash which is the legalities, there are as well several preventable and controllable factors that can affect the duration and flow of civil litigation.

Wherein cases for trucks and semi-truck crashes, factors involved that make these specific cases of car accidents take up to six months to be settled is that this form of accident deals and results in bones and soft tissue damages as minimum damage sustained by the victims and people involved that tend to heal longer than other accident sustenance of damages, despite these "drawbacks", the compensation value is significantly higher compared to other car accidents as medical bills and lost wage during the recovery process are likely to be high. With this given, victim should file and submit their evidences of these expenditures to strengthen their claim.  

Aside from these factors that are from victims, insurers and the context of the accident can play pivotal roles in determining the duration and amount of settlement value, such as:

Factors that could affect the duration of settlement of one's claim

  1. Most semi-trucks and trucks are commercial trucks which are from big companies that has employed them are fortunately, carry multiple insurance policies. If ever the victim found out that the truck involved and caused them the accident was a commercial truck, his/her hired lawyer may be possibly have to communicate and negotiate with more than one insurers that the filed claim is possibly applied, though it is time consuming, it is necessary. 

  2. In Ohio and most at-fault states, it is a requirement for the insurance company to make the settlement value offer in a series of negotiation with the victim's lawyer to finally reach the apt and favorable settlement value for the victim and from the previous blog, it is said that most insurers doesn't want to pay the true amount of one's claim and tend to negotiate or delay and response for a long time to the negotiations to lessen the claim value they are going to pay as a strategy. 
  3. One of the most hardest part that hugely contribute to slow things down when dealing or litigating a semi-truck or truck accident is the investigation and building a convincing and credible case to make sure lawyers can win the case and victims to receive their compensation pay. There are many things for lawyer and victims to arrange and gather evidences and other documents that takes time such as:

    • building and proving how the truck driver is at-fault 

    • how the crash caused the injury, death or casualties to the victims

    • official receipts of medical bills and other property damage repair bills as well as the calculated total potential loss of income for recuperation

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