Spleen Injuries Tendencies Following a Car Crash

Spleen Injuries Tendencies Following a Car Crash

Spleen Injuries Tendencies Following a Car Crash

In low speed car accidents and sometimes in high speed accidents, sustenance of internal injuries and bleeding ought to be expected by victims that is why they tend to seek medical attention to check one. The major reasoning why low speed car accidents has higher tendencies to cause victims to sustain internal injuries and bleeding compared to high speed accidents is because chances of hitting victims' body on hard and blunt part of the car when a straight yet violent impact strikes whereas when a strong and violent impact from high speed car crash could render death and would likely to throw off victims from the car or the car itself. Difference is wide yet the chances of sustaining injuries is similar. 

When blunt part of the car hit your front body, specifically the ribcage where it protects vital organs including the spleen, it may become injured and can be fatal most of the time. 75% of all traumatic spleen injuries are from car accidents according to studies. Spleen is an organ where it helps fight infections and protect the body from foreign bodies, it also filter old blood cells from bloodstream, then an injury and malfunctioning of a spleen could be serious and life-threatening when left unchecked.  

Degrees of Spleen Injuries

There are specific degrees where spleen is damaged. Here are different level of seriousness of spleen injuries:

  • Bruised Spleen
  • Enlarged Spleen
  • Ruptured Spleen

Internal bleeding is one common collateral effects from a spleen injury as it occurs when a spleen is ruptured. A ruptured spleen may be caused by violent impact from a hard object to your upper body or being hit by a broken rib. Surgery on injured spleen is highly recommended to stop internal bleeding as stucked blood could be fatal for poisoning and consider removing the spleen itself since a person can live without a spleen though. 

Symptoms of Spleen Injury

Given that internal injuries' symptoms doesn't show up until after few days or a week, immediately see a doctor or specialist when these symptoms show up after days following an accident: 

  • Confusion and Bad Vision 
  • Diziness and Nausea or Vomitting 
  • Pain in upper body and back

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