Surge of Respiratory Diseases this Summer

Surge of Respiratory Diseases this Summer

Surge of Respiratory Diseases this Summer 

Summer time is deemed as having the highest case of respiratory diseases according to laboratory studies and medical observations. One explanation is that, since summer emits moderate to bad amount number of humidity that would cause some viral diseases to reproduce faster than usual and would render people who went outside to accumulate a virus and be infected with a respiratory disease. Humidity contributes to the quicker travel of some virus in the air as well, that is why summer is known for its drastic burst of count of infected individuals in such small time frame. 

Some doctors at Ohio's children's hospitals are alarmed concerning the serious rise of respiratory illness such as respiratory syncytial virus or RSV and COVID-19 is not an exemption, other new virus aside from the traditional RSV are the parainfluenza and rhinovirus which can cause common cold. These sprout of viral cases has cost most Ohio's hospital resources in the moment. What are the in-depth explanation of these viruses? 

  1. Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV 
    Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common respiratory virus that usually causes has mild cold-like symptoms. Most infected with the virus recovers in two weeks. Though, this can be dangerous for infants and children.

  2. Human Parainfluenza Viruses
    Human parainfluenza viruses (HPIVs) is a respiratory illness that commonly struck infants and young children but adults are not immune to it as well. Symptoms may include fever, runny nose, and cough similar to common cold. Patients usually recover on their own with duration of depending to one's immune system. It can also escalate to severe illnesses such as pneumonia.

  3. Rhinovirus
    Rhinovirus infections is mainly the cause of common cold. It may also symptoms such as sore throats, ear infections, and irritation of sinuses. They may also cause pneumonia and bronchiolitis similar to the other two mentioned.

In previous year, RSV and flu cases extremely decreased when people wore masks as a healthcare protocol from the global powers from the COVID-19 and caused lesser people to be exposed to these virus. But now, rise of infected numbers of individuals by RSV is not something that hospitals are surprised for but the proportional rise of cases of COVID-19 among children during this summer time as it eats up huges spaces in the hospitals for isolated recuperation, in avoidance of mass infection within an institution which is according to World Health Organization's (WHO) health countermeasures and protocol. Since Respiratory Syncytial Virus, COVID-19 and other virus mentioned  exhibit similar symptoms such as: fever, dry cough, tiredness, oftentimes, headache and sorethroat that sometimes leads to misdiagnosis. It is not coincidence, proportional to the growth of COVID-19 cases is the growth of lawsuits againsts medical institutions or doctors. According to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus,they are treating 12 children infected with the COVID-19, a big increase from three or four a few weeks ago, said from the chief medical officer at said hospital. Of those 12, three of the children were being treated in the hospital's ICU and one was on a ventilator. In the recent weeks, the doctor added that the hospital tested around 250 children found positive for the virus at outpatient centers out of about 3,500 tests being conducted and resulted to a positivity rate of 7.1% in the Nationwide Children's sample population.

Though numbers are sheer proven to be all COVID-19 positive, there are as well cases of lawsuits as they were misdiagnosed with COVID-19 rather than a common cold and has inflicted them mental damages and cause them to file a lawsuit. If ever you have experienced to be misdiagnosed with a COVID-19, you can ask for help from our lawyers to file a medical malpractice claim. Ryan LLP is an Ohio-based injury lawyers that professionally represents your case to get and award you your compensation pay that would cover your extended medical bills. Call our office now for free legal advice. 

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