Sustenance of Internal Injuries from Road Crash

Sustenance of Internal Injuries from Road Crash

Sustenance of Internal Injuries from Road Crash 

Driving on road fast paced entails an either minor or major road crash that could result in sustenance of injuries. These injuries can be identified as external injuries including lacerations, bruises and road rashes and internal injuries which includes broken bones and internal bleedings in pivotal parts in either brain or in important organs that many people has been suffering since then as since 2016, over 3 million people were injured due to involvement in road accidents and crashes according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Internal bleedings are far more worse and dangerous compared to external injuries as most of their symptoms appear days or weeks following a car crash. And its injuries doesn't really show up conspicuously unlike external injuries and has high tendency to develop in to more bad condition and deterioration of situation if left unchecked without a medical examination. 

Symptoms of Internal Injuries

Though, internal injuries are hard to identify as their specific symptoms appear in days, there are as well early symptoms that victim/patient can feel on its early onset such as: 

  • Pain and tenderness in a specific part
    Road accidents that has more violent impact can injure internal organs along with your external body because of momentum. Most bleeding caused by violent impact tends to serious complications that has late appearance of symptoms which is hard to identify and treat, so if victim felt tenderness and pain in an area following an accident, immediately take them to hospital for proper medical attention and examination. 

  • Vomiting and Nausea
    It is normal for most victims or people who were involved in a car accident to have the urge to vomit or to feel confused as it is caused by the intense impact and vibration following an accident.  And even days after the accident, if the vomiting still persists, give the person suffering from nausea a proper medical action as it is one of indicators that there is something wrong within his/her body. 

  • Bruises
    Bruising is very common bodily reaction from victim following an accident and an indication of either violent impact, stucked blood and or possibly, internal bleeding varying from where bruises started. In most internal bleeding cases, severe bruises are present on delicate parts of the body which should be heavily monitored and get to hospital for proper examination. 

  • Coldness
    Body temperature is affected, usually by reduced temperature. Consistent feeling of cold may be an indication that the person is bleeding internally. 

  • Confusion and lightheadedness
    If bleeding is severe, lightheadedness may trigger as there is a significant loss of blood unnoticed and reduce air intake for the brain which lead to such. 

Common Types of Internal Injuries

There are many factors including where did the part of the body sustained most violent force from the event of accident to tell what type of health condition that has been concurred to you upon the accident and the speed of the said vehicle before the accident which contributes to the severity of damage that one may sustain. Here are some common internal injuries that one may sustain in a car accident:

  • Fractured bones including rib cage

  • Internal bleeding on any part of the body including organs such as brain

  • Head bleeding aside from brain such as bones in the head

  • Ruptured spleen

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Abdomenal Aorta Rupture

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