Switching Lanes That Led To Car Accident

Switching Lanes That Led To Car Accident

Switching Lanes That Led To Car Accident 

In U.S. roads, there are collective rules to follow when you are a road user. These rules were established to maintain orderliness and harmony among road users such as drivers, pedestrians, and other citizens who uses the road. 

In road, there is no small or huge law that one could omit as a driver as all of them are essential to maintain safety among other road users as well as the driver himself. One "insignificant" law that most forgot to abide and consider its less reprimandation received in the last decade is the reckless switching of lanes. According to statistics, more than 30% of all crashes happen caused by short notice change of lane or reckless lane changing habit by american drivers or veer off the road. 

In addition, most car accidents happen in the left lane that tend to result in bad crash and at extreme cases, fatalities due to high speed driving occurrence while right lane accidents were considered rare as cars on these side are slow as what the law suggests and desire.

When can you call an accident that was caused by failure of maintenance of lane?

According to law, when a driver is situated and driving along a road that is divided clearly with marks into two or more then he/she should intend to drive in that lane alone in the whole duration unless he/she need to and is safe to do so. It is called reckless switching of lanes when the driver has showed: 

  • Failure of checking the blind spot to cross safely

  • A sign of drowsy or drunk driving

  • Manifestation of Distracted driving signs

Who Can Be Held Liable?

In most states, the at-fault party could be determined through reviews of cameras and statements from witnesses if whoever driver left their lane of travel without definite path to exit previous lane and enter another lane and even worse without usage of indicators and etc. as it is the driver's duty who wants to change lane to make sure that he'd transfer safely from a lane to another without blind spot too.

In most cases, it is imperative that the at-fault driver in a case related to changing lanes is whoever changes lane when there is a vehicle already traveling in that lane and it has caused the crash. 

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