Teen died in a crash in Ohio

Teen died in a crash in Ohio

Teen died in a crash in Ohio 

Harley M. Craddock was just 18-years old when she tragically died in a road crash that took her life Monday night. The police have identified the young woman now. The Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP), with unclear whose at fault and is still under investigation regarding the matter, publicly stated that one car was driving west around New Harmony Shiloh Road when the other driver drove off the right side of the roadway, when it over-turned and drove left of center and resulted in a crash at around 6:25 p.m., damages were apparently huge as one driver of the other car was transported by helicopter to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for serious injuries, according to Ohio State Highway Patrol. On the other hand, couple of minors in the second car sustained non-fatal injuries and they were delivered by helicopter to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, driver on the second car was luckily, sustained minor injuries non fatal as well. 

The Georgetown Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol are investigating all aspects of what could have caused this horrific accident to happen; including the idea of exploring whether or not Harley had been drinking before getting behind the wheel beforehand, as part of their investigation process for an open case such as this one with many unanswered questions still left unresolved by investigators at present time who will continue to work around-the clock alongside local authorities until they can secure justic for the family. 

Teen Fatalities in Road Accidents

Teenagers are the most vulnerable age group to auto accidents, and as a result they should not be allowed on or near highways. When teen drivers ride with other passengers their risk of being in a fatal car crash doubles, as:

  • Almost 33% of highschool student drivers practices distracted driving aging from 15 to 19 years old and for passengers aging 12-19, they have admitted that their drivers practices distracted driving as well.
  • 25% of all teen fatal car accidents happened in US involves underage drunk driving according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), 8.2% of the numbers are highschool students.
  • 33% of the young drivers ages 15 to 20 who were killed in crashes had a BAC of .01 or higher and 28% had a BAC of .08 or higher (the legal limit for drivers over age 21).
  • In 2017, Pennsylvania has the highest count of teen involved in car accidents as there were over 17,000 teen drivers were involved in car crashes.
  • 2,526 teen fatalities were recorded in 2017 alone nationwide because of car accident and majority of these numbers aging 15-20 years old. 

How to Prevent Teen Car Crash

Teens are teen, parents can't really command around kids not to do so as they are still learning and scolding won't do any good as it only brings negativity and lowers their esteem and confidence driving which could impede them mentally. A parent best can do is to guide them manually, hand to hand while handing out advices and wisdoms and:

  1. Remind your teen that seatbelt is essential in driving safety. 
  2. Discourage usage of phone and other elements of distraction.
  3. Never let them use car when their whereabouts is obviously engaging with alcohol.
  4. Encourage abiding the speed limit. 

If your teen is involved in car accident, and thought that it is someone's fault, you can always hire an injury lawyer if your teen has sustained either minor or significant injuries as accidents are naturally unexpected and so is the medical bills. Ohio Injury attorneys can help you grant you your compensation pay to cover your unexpected medical bills and car repair bills as well as potential emotional damage. Ryan LLP is an injury and accident lawyer based in Ohio that represents their client with confidence and competence. Call our offices now for free legal consultation. 

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