Teen Drivers Accident Frequency

Teen Drivers Accident Frequency

Teen Drivers Accident Frequency

Generally, driver's license is granted among citizens in United States at the age of around 16 and given that the tendency of people to purchase cars around that age or given as gift for their teens is high and usual making the population of teen drivers high and might rival the numbers of adult drivers aging 19 and above. The need of teens of having a car is pretty high as they utilizes it for transportation for either work or school, a long term investment in decreased expenditure for supposedly commuting expenses which is a good idea but a dangerous one if the teen who has access to a car is not guided properly and warned about the risks exisiting along the road. 

According to a survey by AAA Foundation, they found out that young drivers when behind the wheels, take the most risks compared to other age group of drivers. From the survey participated by more than 2,500 drivers, 88% of those numbers aged between 19 to 24 years old admitted that they engaged atleast once, in a risky type of behavior from their last 30 days of driving. 

Thorough studies related to teen driving risks

From the findings of survey conducted by Traffic Safety Culture Index (AAA) in 2016, statistically, 92% of drivers said that they'd definitely cross along a red light through when it is doable rather than completely making a stop as safety notion and the same numbers said that they have practice such thing atleast once in the last 30 days. To sum up, things the said survey unveils few disturbing things such as mindset and disregard of own's safety as they ignore strongly recommended and required notions to keep the road away from any accidents as well as property and physical damages and fatalities. 

In addition, these past few years, federal associations and non government agencies found out the dire situation of teenage drivers as:

  • Drivers aged 15-20 were killed in volume of 2,739 and more than 228,000 were injured in some form of road accident. 
  • A total of 4,054 teens between the ages of 13-19 died in car accidents.
  • 81% of teens killed in car accidents were passengers.
  • 63% of teenage passenger deaths occurred in vehicles driven by another teenager.

What are common causes of these accidents?

Since most teens, doesn't have fully developed their sense of liability and accountability, they tend to take driving with ease and are usually driving distracted or even driving under influence of substance. Here are some other common demostrations in a scenario:

  • Using their phone while driving to send or read text or even call at extreme extent
  • Overspeeding (especially in zones where it is prohibited such as schools)
  • Running at red light
  • They think that it is okay to disobey road regulations as long as no one saw them

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