Teen Drivers Safety

Teen Drivers Safety

Teen Drivers Safety

Numbers of teen drivers are constantly increasing over time, as 10% of all licensed driver in U.S. are under 21 or considered teens. In relation to this, it is concerning that according to National Center for Health Statistics (CDC), vehicle crashes are the first in the list of causes of death among teens ranging from 15 to 20 years old, there is also a total of more than 2,800 teens aging 13-19 yrs old that died in vehicle crashes according to Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). Even they are teen, they ought to function as an adults in the making and their freedom of driving a car should be out yet their parents or guardians should put out an example or limits to where they should stand. Government and some organizations encourage parents to do atleast few of these things:

  • Consistently remind them and do your role as an adult

    Constantly remind them that they should set a limit of how far they can go as an teen adult and what consequence they should bear when they barely are at their capacity, to stipulate it on their mind, set yourself as an example where you show them how to slow down, given the right of they way with respect and calmly as teens imitate what they see from their parents and do it unconsciously. Do also have a small conversation with them as it helps retaining what you just said to them. Like wearing seatbelts and its importance and how you are punished when they dont, maintaining speed limits when necessary and when it don't to avoid unforeseen crashes that would occur when practicing overspeeding.  

  • Give them a background of what is the word "road safetiness" and how to check a car

    Before that, choose a car for them that has least safety features such as tight seatbelt and working signal lights and commonly, fully operational. On some extent, provided with enough money, crash alarm and surrounding sense are much favorable cars for new drivers as they assist them to avoid crashing. Safety is ensured for those new drivers as new cars with the latest safety technology since it is literally these technology could predict and protect whenever there is an accident about to occur.
  • Ditch devices while driving

    Distracted driving in a form of phone usage while driving is one of the most highest deaths related to these form of causes of fatal driving accidents. And among those victims, ages 15-20 years old has the highest share of numbers of victims, that makes it concerning and hard for parents to let their teens drive away but regulation and assistance of mobile applications that restricts them from using their phone whenever they travel faster than walking exists like that, then it would be okay for them to do so yet it is still encouraged to fully put their attentions away from phone while driving. 

  • Reprimand them when discovered overspeeding and let them understand limit capacity

    On occassion, let your teen understand the importance of overcarrying passengers and how it can affect his driving as well as its entailed responsibilities, let him understand that he is carrying multiple lives in his hands and has to be careful or else the unwanted event would likely to happen. In addition, overspeeding should be reprimanded really hard as it is the most cause of accident and fatalities in U.S. alone. 

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