The Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

The Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

The Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

There are almost 3 million deaths in U.S. recorded yearly according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's FastStats. In general, various diseases contribute to the significant numbers of death, this includes vast manifestations of cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, and mental disorders. Apart from these generalization, a specific yet major contributor of these deaths is different from previously mentioned as it is not a disease but a form of negligence of a person in charge of a duty such as road accidents, premises deaths, and some were medical malpractice, though few cases of these negligence didn't cause direct death after occurrence but it has caused a victim to obtain a specific disease stemming from one of those negligence. 

What are Medical Errors?

A medical error is an occurrence specific in area of health care where an adverse event related to health care has harmed the patient due to negligence or omission. Medical error is a collective term which specifically covers either inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis, misdiagnosis of disease, delayed treatment of one's condition, and even bad medication of a specific health condition. 

What causes medical medical errors?

Here are some common events that can cause an increase in medical errors in yearly scale:

  • Surgical errors 

    One of the leading example cases of medical error are many manifestations of surgical errors as there are estimatedly 4,000 cases of such annually. Cases of surgical errors include wrong surgery site, accidental incisions and hemorrhage, and anesthesia errors. Though, in the recent months, with the integration and help of robotic surgical techniques, there is an observed marginal decrease in cases of surgical errors. 

  • Delayed Treatment and Failure to Follow-up

    Delayed treatment of a specific health condition is one of the leading common manifestation of medical error in U.S. according to a health statistics along with failure of follow-up medication which commonly stem from either misdiagnosis or miscommunication of medical professionals in charge of someone's care which are all form of negligence. These two medical malpractice could either lead to development of another form of adverse health condition or prolonged hospital stay as patient's condition is not addressed well and didn't received quick and appropriate response folowing the "diagnosis". 

  • Diagnostic errors 

    Misdiagnosis is included in the leading cases of medical errors as it account for up to 80,000 hospital deaths annually. It is common among every form of hospital settings, may it be an advanced hospital or a least good hospital, as one of its major factor for this malpractice to occur is the doctor in charge itself. This includes failure to demand tests, refer to a specialist, or wrong interpretation of results. 

  • Infected Health Professionals and Medical Facility 

    According to The Journal of Patient Safety, they have found out that one cause of death are various hospital-acquired infections either from the medical facility or from the medical professionals themselves such as COVID-19 or staph infections which could affect the outcome of a recent incision's recovery. 

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