Tips for dealing with a work injury

Tips for dealing with a work injury

Tips to keep in mind when dealing with a work injury

Employers in a company busily work with haste and sometimes take no notice of their surround maybe due to tiredness and even by simply the fast-paced nature of the work, most of our beloved employees single-mindedly work fastly to maximize their productivity in a day for individual reasons: to go home early or just want to raise their ranks up or just work dilligently to feed one's family. These goals could be potentially in vain since in every work place there is always a risk and chance for sustaining an injury that impedes and costs their salary and even health because of this factor: work place risks and hazards, these are split up into biological, chemical, physical, safety, ergonomic, and psychosocial hazards that commonly results in a damage and injury of either single or multiple employees depending on the hazard and situation. Minor work injuries can be treated as follows:

● Go to the nearest first aid station where a first aider can handle minor cuts, laceration, abrasions and muscular pains, most first aid stations can only handle these types of injuries due to limited medical items, limited execution knowledge of a aider on injuries and lack of person count in charge. 

● Immediately go home as soon as the first aid is done to recuperate and work for the next day if applicable and advisable and if its comfortable and if you are able to do so. Taking minor injuries directly to work without rest would only result to bad outcomes as it may lead to relapse and even worse bleedings due to exertion of force and tiring. 

For major injuries that are beyond first aider's capability:

● Ask for help from a co-worker to take you to the nearest hospital to treat the injury appropriately

● Let your co-worker write a written report of the incident as your first defense for your claims, a written report serves as a strong proof of your major injury accident occurrence and fortifies your injury claim against the employer.

● If the accident deals collateral damages to your livelihood and family, you are recommended to file for a worker's compensation pay and is recommended to ask for a helping hand from a personal injury lawyer.

● Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for them to work on the civil litigation processes while you are recuperating on the hospital to avoid stress and unnecessary spend of extra money and time as well. 

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