Trailer truck driver dead as standby along the streets

Trailer truck driver dead as standby along the streets

Trailer truck driver dead as standby along the streets

In the recent reports from Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP,), they have identified a man killed in a 3-vehicle accident along I-275 eastbound in Forest Park night time on last Saturday. According to the authorities, victim was named Robert Crouch, age of 30, from Morgantown West Virginia was standing outside his damaged semitrailer (waiting for repair) when he was hit by an 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer at 5:15 p.m.. There are no thorough information about the specific damage Robert has sustained in the accident but one thing is transparent, he died in the course of accident according to the Troopers. As of now, the crash is still under investigations and identity of the Chevrolet driver still remains unknown or exposed publicly. 

How risky is side-road parking?

Recently, a CBS News study found that almost 1 out 5 traffic-related deaths happen when cars collide with other vehicles or pedestrians inside garages, parking lots and along side roads. This is shocking because it means 50,000 people are injured and hundreds die every year due to these incidents. So, what causes these isolated cases of road-parking accidents?

  • Limited Vision - The leading reason for road parking accidents is limited vision, statistics in 2005 states that more than 500 people were killed due to low visibility accidents caused by bad lighting conditions along road sides and closed parking lots.
  • Losing Control over the vehicle - Losing control to your vehicle is a sure way for you to get into an accident. It's not just the driver that has accidents- it can happen through braking or accelerating too quickly, speeding up in bad weather conditions, and other unfortunate events such as getting hit by another car from behind when parking down on the road.
  • Lacking giving signals to turn or reverse causes road parking accidents - Drivers who back up without giving signals can cause dangerous situations for themselves, others around them especially in a open road side, and pedestrians passing by; but most importantly it is these motorist's responsibility because even if no one else was there at all then an accident could still happen because just about anything might go wrong with any car anywhere anytime.

  • Over speeding & Wrong maneuvering - The main cause behind most car crashes is driver inattentiveness: whether it's on a highway or at an intersection, drivers often forget to check their blind spots before changing lanes. But there's more than just that; other bad habits like speeding up when approaching intersections can also lead to dangerous situations.
  • Lack of Awareness - Numerous drivers are not aware of their proximity to the cars in front and behind them when they start reversing. This lack of awareness leads to many parking lot accidents, as well as rear-end collisions or other types on a roadways.

How can road side and parking lot accidents be prevented for both the resting driving and the moving vehicle?

After a long day of driving, it's important to be mindful that you're still on the road. There are several ways for roadside accidents to happen so make sure your car is in top shape and don't forget about yourself.

Roadside crashes should never come as a surprise after such an exhausting journey but there are some precautions we can take before setting off or during our trip which will help us avoid hazards along the way. Such as:

  1. Remember to slow down when encountering a resting vehicle and be mindful of your driving.
  2. Timely check side mirrors for vechicles parking in the vicinity.
  3. Keep distance around other cars while maneuvering and keep it slow.
  4. Give correct signals when turning to notify surround drivers or even if there are no other drivers are present in the vicinity, still give turn signals. 
  5. Lastly, always check your vehicle if it is road-worthy from time to time to avoid unexpected lose control over the vehicle.

Who is responsible for the crash? There are two questions that must be thoroughly asked and as a guide to examine the crash: "Was the car crashed into in motion?" and "Who has the right of way?" If these questions are asked and answers are established and transparent, one of two sides may file an injury claim if there were injuries sustained in the course of accident to make the other driver responsible for his acts and covering medical bills for recuperation. 

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