Independence day in Ohio

Independence day in Ohio

Travel Rush in July 4th 

Government and traffic personnels expect a record number of Ohio residents to make road trips for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend or the Independence Day, and airports previewed high expectations for the number of Ohioans who will fly out-of-state during this time. This year is expected to be one with particularly heavy traffic on roads, interstates, highways and other major thoroughfares throughout our state. According to experts in transportation planning at ODOT (Ohio Department Of Transportation), it's not uncommon that an average day like Friday sees more than 600 miles logged per minute by drivers across all levels as they head home or visit friends over holiday weekends such as these - but we're looking forward into seeing what spikes may happen if there are weather events which disrupt travel routes even further.

According to AAA's observation, there are travel time in which people tend to travel and there are time span where they usually dont. Following this released recommendation by AAA would definitely help if you are one of those million travelers planning to go on a trip especially on those cities who have recently opened. 

  • Traveling before 1 pm on monday are optimal; traveling on thursdays are best after 7 pm; Fridays are most busy so it is recommended to travel before 12 pm same as Saturdays; while Sundays are best to travel since free flow is expected. 
  • San Francisco has the busiest streets estimated based on previous observation conducted by AAA and INRIX.
  • 1.9 million are expected to travel on road while 73,000 are flying

Common Problems in travel on wheels 

Long-distance travel in a four wheeled vehicle might be risky as there are few problems that one might encounter along the way. There is always the chance of getting into an accident, being pulled over by law enforcement, or running out of gas and becoming stranded on desolate stretches of road with no help to speak off, mechanical errors as well as human errors. Although it may not seem like much from where you're sitting right now reading this article - trust me when I say these things do happen; they really suck for those involved but can often lead to life changing experiences.

What happened if a driver and its passenger found itself in a car accident as a victim?

The road can be a dangerous place at wrong times. During long weekends, there are many people on the roads and accidents happen more frequently than usual. If you're involved in one of these accidents as the victim while traveling this summer, hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is your best option for civil litigation to get compensation from those at fault. Be aware that with so much traffic it's easier for drivers to lose control of their vehicle which could result in serious injuries if not worse.

The personal injury attorney is a valuable asset when you've been involved in an accident, they're able to work on your behalf and collect the evidence needed for compensation. They will also be there with you during any court proceedings that may arise from the incident. The help of a lawyer who specializes in these cases can make all of the difference after such an eventful experience has occurred. These lawyers know what information needs to be supplied so they are prepared if anything comes up while dealing with insurance companies or other parties responsible for this situation. Ryan, LLP is the most well known personal injury law firm in the city. They have a reputation for representing individuals and small businesses against large insurance corporations by fighting to protect their rights with diligence. The attorneys at Ryan handle cases such as wrongful death, catastrophic injuries or medical malpractice that can leave families suffering from significant physical pain while also dealing with expensive bills which leaves them without any economic stability.

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