Truck accidents inside a Construction Site

Truck accidents inside a Construction Site

Truck accidents inside a Construction Site

Construction sites are home to a bevy of different equipment and workers. The construction site is one big, bustling city with its own set of laws, rules and regulations that must be followed for the whole operation to run smoothly.  working inside the site. Aside from stagnant and non animated objects being unchecked and misplaced that poses danger, there are alAs there are multiple machinery and materials being scattered all over the place and sometimes unchecked due to busy and fast paced surrounding posing as possible danger to anyoneso man-operated machinery and vehicles that are constantly in motion and moving for its service and convenience that oftentimes cause accidents to a worker. 

Trucks, earth-moving equipment and other heavy vehicles are essential on construction sites. These large vehicles not only help workers with projects but also make the job a little less difficult for them. However, when these types of trucks are placed in the hands of inexperienced drivers, handled faultly and other errors, they can be very dangerous to those around them as well as themselves. Furthermore, if this type truck passes through an active construction zone adding how volatile and how spread out the hazards are in a constructio scene, it will threaten lives without question because accidents happen all too often due to bad decisions made by others like yourself or just plain old negligence from time to time.

Construction Related Incidents and fatalities in Statistics

Cases and notable facts construction related are easily absorbed in numbers and would still read-worthy, these statistics are combined observation by OSHA, BLS, NIH, CPWR, Midwest EPI, and Liberty Mutual

  • 1/5 deaths in US occupation is construction related death, 60% of these numbers are caused by falling object while 33% are due to falls.
  • 1,061 construction laborers died in 2019, a notable one because it is at its peak. 
  • 1.7% of the total population of construction workers suffer sustenance of injury inside the work place annually and this industry is responsible for 8.5% of total cases of injuries resulting in lost days of work.
  • This industry is infamous for high injury rate compared to other industry at 71%, as in 2018 there were 195,000 cases of injuries deemed as highest. 
  • It costs the United States $5 billion each year in health care, lost income, reduced quality of life, and lost of power in production
  • Workers’ compensation claims for non-fatal falls account for $2.5 billion annually

Truck-induced problems and accidents inside the construction site

 These are the common accidents involving a truck mover inside a construction site;

  • Collision with a person or worst, rollover and pinning
  • Back-up accidents
  • Cargo spills

These occurences could lead to invisible damages such as;

  • Suffering from physical pain due to either the injury or the medical treatment of that injury
  • Emotional strain

How can a construction worker as a victim get his rights exercised?

An occupational hazard awaits every construction worker who becomes involved with coworkers as well as those working on site - getting hurt during your duties can lead you down either path towards recovering fair treatment through workers' comp if another employee was responsible, or needing some help navigating through unknowns. Under Ohio workers' compensation law, a construction worker injured by another employee or on the job can receive fair recovery. However, if they were hurt during an interaction with any other contractor who was not employed by them and their company, then the victim would have to file for personal injury in order to recover fairly from that incident. To successfully bring this claim against someone else though means proving liability - which may be difficult without evidence such as witnesses of injuries sustained etc., so it is best to contact legal counsel before taking these steps yourself.

When a construction worker is hurt by their coworker or in the course of work, they may turn to workers’ compensation for fair recovery. However, when someone gets injured from contractor and non-employee actions then it's personal injury territory that must be tread carefully into. The first step in being able to successfully pursue these claims is proving liability; though this can often prove difficult because an individual has only his word against theirs without any witnesses likely around at the time of accident.

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