Two-car Accident in West Chester involving a child

Two-car Accident in West Chester involving a child

Two-car Accident in West Chester involving a child

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a two-vehicle crash involving a child on Interstate 75 south in West Chester. The call came in around 8:12 p.m., Sunday, with the patrol mentioning that it involved an 18-wheeler and Nissan car traveling southbound on I75 when they crashed near mile marker 147 at exit 168A for US Route 42 South to Cincinnati/Wilmington Avenue (County Road 662). There were no immediate information of injuries or conditions but authorities are working now to learn more about this crash as there was only minor damage from debris scattered across the ramps leading up to those exits which may have been propelled by broken glass following impact between these vehicles before coming into contact with one another causing major turbulence within their positions. 

There was no information as well regarding with the child and the two cars involved in the accident, given that, it is still concerning that even with today's meticulously established traffic countermeasures and well-thought public programs strictly pertaining to safety driving and accidents with the involvement of children, there are still accidents that are involving them and oftentimes even costs fatalities. 

As children grow, they are exposed to hazards and risks that come with the territory of adulthood. Despite using roads as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and vehicle passengers from a young age; adults often don't think about their needs when developing road infrastructure. Some kids work on or live next door to these areas in close proximity which along with other risk factors puts them at an increased chance for injury- especially if we fail to consider all possible scenarios. 

As children start growing up around local streets more than ever before thanks largely to parents letting go a little earlier nowadays, they're also being faced by dangers every day without even realizing it. Adults usually concentrate on pedestrian safety zones near schools but this means nothing because some students already bike or even motor vehicles that parents believed to save kids from fare fee or hassle. 

How often are children involved in road accidents?

According to World Health Organization's (WHO) infographic pertaining the involvement of children in large scale accidents around the world and contributes 15% to total global fatalities annually, and:

  • In 2004, road traffic crashes resulted in more than 260 000 deaths of children and youth aged 0–19 years. Children accounted for 21% of all worldwide injury related death from accidents on the roads, with many coming at a young age due to their inexperience behind the wheel or lack thereof altogether.
  • On global scale, road traffic collision is the leading cause of death among ages 10-19 years old due to injuries. 
  • 93% of children were killed on the road are in low-income and middle-income countries.
  • As a pedestrian, 5-14 years old age range are most at risk. 
  • Child cyclists are a significant risk to themselves and others, making up 3-15% of injured children. In fact they account for 2-8% (or 25%) of all child road traffic deaths.
  • A child's odds in accident increase ten-fold when travelling in a vehicle. It is estimated that across high-income countries up to 50% of all child road traffic deaths happen because they were travelling inside vehicles either as passengers or pedestrians.
  • For drivers under the age of 25, their crash rates are 15-33 times higher than those over the age of 65.

Children are at risk for road traffic injuries because of their developing skills and abilities. They lack the cognitive ability to understand how fast they're moving, which can cause them to recklessly run out into an intersection without looking both ways first; a major contributing factor in children's accidents is that when adults tell them not do something - like playing on train tracks or climbing over fences-they often disobey anyway. Younger kids tend be more impulsive than older ones too, so it isn't uncommon for parents to say "no" before taking another moment think about what might happen if said child went ahead with whatever dangerous idea had been proposed anyways.

The number of children involved in traffic accidents is staggering. However, there are a few measures that can be taken to prevent these tragedies from happening and the first step starts by teaching your kids how to stay safe when crossing intersections or waiting for buses at stops with heavy foot-traffic and these:

  • Limiting a child for consuming alcohol.
  • Getting your child into a driving school and obtain a graduated driver's license.
  • Encouraging the use of protective equipment in vehicles such as child passenger restraint systems, booster seats and seat-belts.
  • Requiring young motorcyclists to wear helmet.
  • Reducing speed limits around schools can help keep our kids safe and prevent traffic accidents from happening.

What if your child was involved in a traffic collision as a victim?

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