Two Major Risks Of Surgery Errors

Two Major Risks Of Surgery Errors

Two Major Risks Of Surgery Errors

Surgery errors are deemed rare in medical scene but unfortunately, they are widespread even in medical institutions aided with the most advanced technology let alone third world hospitals or bare minimum hospitals. It is disappointing to think that negligence plays huge part in the chances of occurrence of such surgery errors when patients who have experienced such has depended their well-being and recovery to those medical professionals. 

In medical malpractice, there are three main surgical errors that are deemed major and widespread and it would be our great pleasure to discuss it in our blog and shed knowledge about it for you to recognize it immediately and an imperative to know what to do. And, specifically, medical malpractice is a legal term of an action taken when a medical professional has commited negligence or omission during duty that has rendered a patient in his/her care to be exposed from hazard or risks or even harmed them. 

Surgery On Wrong Patient 

Though, it sounds impossible, surgery on wrong patient has recorded few cases. One key factor for this occurrence to occur is the miscommuncation, bad schedule organization, which could account as negligence as they have responsibilities as qualified medical professionals and one of them is to organize their patient and operate on them according to their need and time correctly. 

This occurrence could lead to a bad sustenance of unwanted injuries to the patient and might prolonged one's stay or his/her hospitalization. 

Surgery On Wrong Site 

Similar to the risk mentioned above, surgery on the wrong site stems from miscommunication, bad organization of papers, which highly suggests that medical professionals in that specific medical institution are negligent on their assignments. 

This form of malpractice could inflict serious damages such as incisions and cuts to the patient without needing so and may worsen one's condition as the site needing of surgery is left and unchecked. 

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