Types of Brain Damage Sustained in a Car Accident

Types of Brain Damage Sustained in a Car Accident

Types of Brain Damage Sustained in a Car Accident

When involved in a car accident, there are countless possibilities on how victims could sustain their injuries. Range of injuries include cuts, broken bones, bruises, burns, possibility of amputation, and even head and neck injuries which could lead to either brain damage or spinal cord issues.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the array of possiblities what forms of brain damage a victim in a car accident could sustain as in the field of medicine, brain injuries are deemed to have the highest fatality recorded in terms of damage sustained in a car accident, one of the most life-changing injury that one could have from one event and we are about to shed light on why drivers should take premeasures when driving due to taking these adversities. 

Diffuse axonal injury

Diffuse axonal injury is one of the brain injuries sustained from car accidents that happens when the connection between the cerebrum's nerve fibers and the spinal cord are torn due to the trauma from external violent force such as vehicle crash which cause a person's brain to violently shift forward and backward or even rotate. This injury could cause cognitive issues and even death. 

Hematoma and hemorrhage

These two are in same category of brain damage where they are both dangerous and fatal and are likely to be sustained from car accidents. This specific injury involve blood clot or blood gathering inside the skull and putting pressure on the cerebrum which damages it and possible cut off of blood and air supply. This affects victim's cognitive function or permanent damage to the cerebrum. 


Skull fracture

Skull fracture is a rare form of brain injuries sustained from car accident where the crash causes a person's head to strike against hard objects inside the car hard enough to cause a breaking of bones or the skull itself. Infection, damage to cerebrum, and close tissues could be damaged and may affect cognitive and movements of the victim.

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