Types of drivers and their vehicles that you should avoid

Types of drivers and their vehicles that you should avoid

Types of drivers and their vehicles that you should avoid

In driving along busy or free roads, it is best to practice defensive driving. Defensive driving refers to the conscious manner of driving to save lives, time and money, sacrificing the desire of swiftness of one's arrival to give way to others rather than competing. By many, it is said that the first step of defensive driving is to look out for potentially dangerous vehicles that may put you in dangerous road scenario. These include distracted drivers who are eating, texting or calling, avoidance of aggressive or in rage drivers and other vehicles that has error in themselves. Other things that you should look out for are:

1. Vehicles who have lack or errors in their lighting/signal system 

On day, it is traveling with a vehicle that have lighting issue but the matter is completely different at night time. When a vehicle doesn't have atleast one working light on the vehicle system, the vehicle is deemed invisible through his whole travel and risk of crash is really high. Even at daylight, drivers who depend their safety on sunlight still have chances of being involved in an accident as daytime light usage reduce two vehicle crashes by 5.7%, pedestrian accidents by 12% and 23% reduction in motorcycle accidents. 

Since there are no light on the vehicle that is said you are following, you may not be aware that there is a vehicle infront of you and you may hit it and only notice that there is a vehicle upon impact. So it is better to check your car first generally and assess if it is road worthy.  

2. Drivers who always look away from the road 

If you have noticed that the driver is always checking on his phone talking in front of one of the car's occupants, then it is recommended that you should slow down. There are chances that they practice distracted driving and should be avoided or shouldn't contest with as distracted driving has total death of 3,450 in 2016 and 391,000 injuries in 2017 and lastly, in 2019, distracted driving was one of the deadly factors as it contributes 8.5% of total vehicle crashes in U.S. When notice a distracted driver, practice defensive driving to avoid being involved.

3. Drivers who reacts slowly to traffic signals 

Drivers who have shown slow reflex in regard to traffic signals, it is said that it is related to drunk driving or distracted driving as these practices on driving are likely to decrease the speed of reflex of the driver, these can as well impair their vision and attention while driving that could increase the risk of being involved or cause an accident. When noticed or suspect one, it is better to avoid by switching lane or slow down and never contest with the since their reasoning is impaired as well at the time being. 

4. Aggressive drivers who tailgate or cross lanes 

When a driver is observed to tailgate or cross lanes frequently, suspect that he is an aggressive driver or in rage. Some things that could cause the driver to go aggressive or put him in rage are: struck in traffic for too long or in hurry. When they don't observe the three-second rule, then suspect that they are in rage and avoid them as much as possible as it results in 30 deaths and 1,800 injuries reports each year according to American Automobile Association (AAA). If they overspeed and behind you, they are left mere second to react when you intended to stop for some reason and may highly end up in a rear-end car crash that could cause whiplash. Also, drivers who use the right lane to overtake are also aggressive drivers who are in rush and are cause of most off-road accidents.

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