Types of Whiplash sustained in a Car Accident

Types of Whiplash sustained in a Car Accident

Types of Whiplash sustained in a Car Accident

In a rear end road car collisions scene, sustenance of bruises and whiplashes are common as 3 million individuals around America have sustained whiplash every year because of car accidents and least reason is fall cases, injuries reulted from sports, physical abuse, and other events that is accompanied by violent and sudden reactions. 

In specific terms, whiplash refers to the sudden, violent forward and backward neck motion that is caused by outside force such as mentioned above, it causes the neck to be injured and may appear to be full of bruises and redness. The said neck injury collateral damages around it and its consisting parts since it consists of bones, nerves, discs and muscles and its other connecting parts, hence considering whiplash as a dangerous injury. 

Statistics about Whiplashes

From Spine Research Institute of San Diego's (SRISD) past researches and study in relationship of car crashes and whiplash, they found out that:

  • Half of those 3 million, 1.5 million people who have experienced and suffer whiplash from accidents said that they suffer chronic pain from whiplash

  • On extreme cases of whiplash, 300,000 have rendered disabled due to sustenance of whiplash

  • Contrary to most belief, whiplash-inducing accidents are caused by cars involved speeding under 12 miles per hour

  • Elders have high chances of sustaining a whiplash compared to younger ones even in non-violent car crashes. 

What are Stages or Severity of Whiplash?

Whiplashes are stressed by many medical professional to be wary about its nature and tendency to develop complications and its chronic effects. People who are involved in recent car crashes are recommended to be immediately get themselves checked and get proper assessment and medical attention from apt professionals. Threatening enough of facts above, an untreated whiplash has high chances of becoming a permanent disability or chronic pains and may cause complication such as Degenerated Disc Disease. From that aside, there are also classification of whiplash namely:

Type 1 Whiplash

This type of whiplash is the most mild form of all whiplash, it is describable by victim to experience slightest to none level of pain. There is also chances of residing pain from the whiplash, just plain slightest stiffness to none that come often delayed as a symptom. 

Type 2 Whiplash

While Type 2 whiplash is the second from the lowest degree of type of whiplash. Unlike type 1 with delayed symptoms, type 2 whiplash instantly produces neck pain and stiffness which is said to be managable, most of the recorded cases are expected to be healed within few months yet residing pain is still there. Victims of this type of whiplash has no physical manifestation of bruises or other indications of internal damages. 

Type 3 Whiplash

Type 3 whiplash is considered to be serious than the other two mentioned above, its symptoms are characterized with moderate to extreme pains around the neck, stiffness, and numbness around the affected area. In extreme cases, victims are sent to emergency rooms because of fractures, overbending and bone dislocations. 

It may not matter what degree of pain you are experiencing following a car collision, it should be immediately checked by an apt professional to properly assess your health and standing condition of your neck. 

Some treatments for light to moderate whiplash are physical therapy, pain mitigation program, foamed neck collars and personal exercise. These things are recommended to you after going to your physician and highly encourage you to follow a diet and a specific routine.

Filing an Injury Claim

If you strongly feel that it is other driver's negligence along road that caused the accident that made you and your occupants to sustain whiplash, then you are entitled to file an injury claim. Ryan LLP is an Ohio based injury attorneys that has been professionally representing their clients for more than 40 years against big companies and agencies that has been negligent on their ends. Call our offices now for free legal consultation. 

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