Unsafe occupations in Ohio

Unsafe occupations in Ohio

List of Unsafe Occupations In Ohio

Many people are unaware of the risks that come with working in certain industries, little they know most service-based jobs are considered to be unsafe contrary to what most think how jobs are, with high-paying agencies tags along with a greater pose of risks in every employees' health. In this blog, we are using U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' data findings in 2019 where Ohio was exclusively observed for a year. These are Ohio's list of occupations deemed unsafe for employees where many employees operate without understanding this. This blog post will explore some of the most dangerous jobs/ industries of jobs in Ohio and why they're on the list. 

 ● Agriculture (forestry, logging, fishing and hunting) - Logging workers, farmers, and hunters tend to suffer injuries from falls, being hit by trees,equipment and violent reaction by nature, and exposure to hazardous materials like pesticides where is constantly needed in the field of agriculture is risky when inhaled or makes contact with skin. There were 18 reported cases of injuries in this field and shares 11% of the totality of work-related injuries in the year 2019 alone. 

Construction laborers - Cases of strangulation, falls, slips, trips, and fall to lower level were averagely high as causes of occupation-related fatalities. Construction laborers literally work in a naturally dangerous work place considering the factors contributing to the risks including: the surrouding, the nature of job, involvement of heavy equipments and dangerous tools, and exhaustion. 

Transportation/Material Moving - Occupational cases in trucking-related fatal injuries in Ohio has one of the most deadly counts as there were 24 cases in just a single year rendering it to share 14% of the incidents of fatalities in Ohio alone. As driving during night time or even cloudy morning hours still poses a threat to driver's good visibility where hightens its changes for collision with pedestrians or other vehicles. Exhaustion and mechanical error also plays important role in determining the tendency and chances of accident but its the only factor that can be altered to prevent such accident. 

● Private industry- Cases of private industry's fatalities shares 100% of its cases and has accumulated 166 numbers of cases in a year within the same grounds of observation. It is suspected to linked with numerous cases of employee to employee violence which includes cases of stabbing, slashing and hand to hand infliction of injury.

● Goods producing - Laborers and employees in a industrial workplace such as a factory are susceptible to injuries at a rate similar to construction labers, though with good pay, still potentially costs them their health and possible livelihood. Slips and trips are the main causes of sustaining injuries in the industry of good producing. 

 Ohio is home to many occupations and opportunities as they are one of those states that has sky-rocketed in multiple industries in past years, along with the industry is the risk that comes along with it, though Ohio has lower rate of risk and cases of injury than other states according to BLS. 

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