What Do You Need to Know About Baby’s Labour Injuries

What Do You Need to Know About Baby's Labour Injuries

What Do You Need to Know About Baby's Labour Injuries Child delivery is one of the most exciting and joyous thing that both parents can equally agree on. After months of meticously self-care and maternity care along with reasonable anxiety as the mother is carrying their most precious person in the world. But along with joy that the baby brought entails a worrying matter which is the possibility of him/her to sustain injury before, during, and after the delivery. In this blog, we are going to enlighten upcoming parents about the childhood birth injuries risks and commonly ask questions in retrospect such as:
  • Common injuries that babies may sustained before, during, and after labour
  • Causes of these injuries
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  • Erb's palsy (a condition where a child suffers from arm weakness and lack of control for motion)
  • Cerebral palsy (a neurological disorder where a child has issue with maintaining their balance and ability to move)
  • Brachial plexus injury
  • Blood clots or hemorrhaging
  • A swollen head or scalp
  • Facial paralysis which affects functions on the face such as eating and blinking
  • Fractured bones or damaged spinal cord as their bones are soft
  • Lack of oxygen and may cause irregularities to the brain
  • Umbilical cord injuries

Common Causes of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are caused by array of factors including:

  • Care service isn't enough or not in the level of expected response according to situation
  • A staff is unqualified to handle a labour operation
  • The baby or mother has been given wrong medication or dosage of medicine such as anesthesia
  • Handling of the baby was malicious or obviously with negligence
  • Equipments were improperly used

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