Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries 

A traumatic brain injury is a result of an unnatural disruption to the normal function of your brain that can be caused by exposure to external forces like sudden impacts, or head trauma. It may also occur when you experience any uncontrolled movements and are unable to brace yourself due in part because some parts of your body have been immobilized as well. A TBI usually occurs after being exposed to one, too many incidents where they were not able enough protect themselves from their surroundings such as motor and car road collision; it's very common for people who already rely on others heavily before sustaining this type injuries will need even more help afterwards than what was given beforehand. In the following texts are the in-depth narration of Traumatic Brain Injuries statistics, reasons, cost, and anything to be learned in this topic. 


The symptoms vary depending on the severity of injury. They may include any of these signs: vomiting, lethargy, headache, confusion or paralysis; dilated pupils and loss consciousness along with breathing problems and cognitive difficulties like difficulty swallowing. Many victims also report body numbness or tingling after a head trauma has occurred.


These numbers and facts are from CDC's observation in around 2010's on their advocate and campaign to raise awareness against Traumatic Brain Injuries by disucussing and posing its causes and prevention.

  • In 2014, there were 837,000 cases of TBI occurred among childres as the leading cause of TBI are vehicular accidents (17%), falls (35%), trips and slides which are common tendencies of children.
  • Hospitalization cases are over 280,000 which exceeds spinal injury related and about 20 times more. 
  • In the year 2006, cases sky rocketed up until now and is consistently popular among 14 years old below as 2006 has recorded 2,600+ deaths among 23,000 hospitalization. 
  • Wherein male victims comprises the 100% population of TBI patients with 78.8% and 21.2 of TBI victims are females.
  • Outdoor acitivities contributes in large amount of TBI cases with 21% of its patients were due to outdoor activities. 
  • Aside from children, eldery also suffers big time as per 100,000 people, there are 2,232 victims of TBI. Probable causes are weak joints for supporting climbing up and down on stairs and ill-bad trips. 
  • Estimation by experts is that there are about 50,000 deaths annually from TBI. 

Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A traumatic brain injury is a serious physical condition that can result in death or permanent disability. The severity of the impact varies depending on where the trauma occurs within your head, how forceful it was and which part if hit. It's important to recognize these symptoms so you know when an emergency situation may occur:

  • Loss of/or decreased consciousness and light-headedness
  • Short term amnesia
  • Important and basic senses deficits such as lesser muscle control, speech and vision
  • Disorientation, slow perception
  • Long term disabilities 
  • Death
  • Inflamatory Ruptures in future
  • Ongoing headaches and migraine


Traumatic Brain Injuries are treated two ways: surgical and non surgical.

Traumatic Brain Injuries are treated two ways: surgical and non-surgical. The treatment of choice is dependent on the severity of injury, with surgery providing better outcomes for severe injuries than it does for mild ones. Surgery typically entails removing any damaged tissue from around an injured area as well as closing off bleeding arties near or inside that lesioned region to avoid further damage. Non-surgical treatments might involve giving sedatives in order to control convulsions so they can be alleviated by a medically induced coma if needed and rebahilitation and exercises for neurological function.

If an injured family members experienced traumatic brain injury due to someone's negligence, you can hire an injury lawyer in the hopes to grant you a compensation pay for covering medical bills as it is not easy to pay hefty amount of bills, given that neourology has the highest charges in the medical field excluding therapies. 

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