What does defective and lack of Signal Light System of a Vehicle Results to?

What does defective and lack of Signal Light System of a Vehicle Results to?

What does defective and lack of Signal Light System of a Vehicle Results to?

All generations of cars from the first classical one that has few old safety measures and live up for it up to these modern and futuristic car that has more advanced safety measures that give off huge assurance to owner's safety, among all of those version and model of cars from different years, car light system is a common safety feature among these.

Signal lights and generally light system from a car is a cheap safety function that is as well vital for the safety driving experience of owners. Signal lights can display acceleration and deceleration from a vehicle to communicate with other drivers, give notice to other driver when will a vehicle change his/her direction and tempo, and more importantly, those lights provide vision to all drivers during night time or weather-induced poor visibility, all these to avoid accident while traveling on roads. 

Impact of Light System of a Car

Here are some numbers gathered by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in a retrospect:

  • Some studies noted that usage of headlights and other car indicators has resulted in a 10% reduction in accidents. 

  • Aside from that 10% in general reduction of accidents, it does reduces the chances of two-vehicle crashes by 5.7% during daylight.

  • Pedestrians are also affected by the usage of headlights during daylight as its risks and occurrences were reduced by 12% and 23% in involvement of motorcycle accidents.  

  • On other countries, turn-related accidents were reduced by 37% and involvement of multiple vehicle accidents by 11% in Canada.

  • Generally, there are only 27% that are equipped with newest technology for safety and experience as a standard feature. 

Aside from night time and low visibility caused by weather, car indicators and light system can make your vehicle seemingly to appear better for other drivers too, broken vehicle lights may likely to increase your chances to involve in an accident and get rear-ended or being sideswiped. In addition, signals or blinkers can help other drivers to be prepared when you are going to turn and avoid miscommunications that would result in a T-bone style car crash or unnoticed slowing down that could make you susceptible for rear-end crash. 

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