What if a car hit you while crossing the road?

What if a car hit you while crossing the road?

What if a car hit you while crossing the road?

Pedestrians are people who cross casually on the streets of U.S., they confidently cross road without any worries that they might be involved in a car crash or being directly hit by a car, it would be on their least expected thing and same to those drivers, they don't ever expect or ever imagined being involved or crashing into a pedestrian. 

Crashes involving pedestrians are often horrible and extreme based on a retrospect, given that pedestrians have bare protection and exposing their bodies in to the raw force of a heavy and accelerating object, outcome would be fatal. And in the retrospect, there are many factors contributing for a crash involving a pedestrian to happen such as: distracted driving, drowsy driving, drunk and non sober driving, mechanical errors, and as well as human errors.  

Prevalence and Frequency of Road Accidents Involving Pedestrians

  • In 2017, there are 5,977 pedestrians killed in traffic related crashes in the United States.

  • In the same year, ,an estimated number of 137,000 pedestrians sustained non-fatal traffic-related crashes injuries. 

  • Almost half or 47% of fatal crashes involves alcohol for either driver and/or the pedestrian. 

  • In relation to the previous statement, 1/3 or 33% fatal pedestrian crashes involved a pedestrian with a blood alcohol concentration of at least 0.08 grams per deciliter.

  • 20% of fatal pedestrian traffic related deaths and 10% pedestrian traffic related injuries account to pedestrians whose aging 65 and older in 2017 alone. 

  • 1/5 or one in every five children under the age of 15 killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians in 2017.

Given these numbers and this type of accident's frequency, it is important to drive mindfully, and if not avoided, along with any type of car accidents, there are things to be kept first than any other things that driver should follow as much as possible. The fact that one hit a pedestrian is a shocking event for every driver out there and their worst nightmare as they are burdened unexpectedly with liabilites and human life, attempting to respond and deal with it calmly and provided with proper information, an at-fault driver could mitigate the worst possible outcome. Here are some things that a driver who hit a pedestrian should do at the event: 

  • Call for help from the nearest hospital and police

    May it be minor or major accidents, make sure that the safety and health of the pedestrian that is being hit is ensured by giving him/her a proper assurance such as calling authorities and medical attention to respond for his condition and take care of. And while help is coming, make sure to stay beside the pedestrian and if he/she sustained injury that can be mitigated with basic first aid, make sure to patch it up such as bleedings to lessen damage, complications, and infection. 

    Police on the other hand, making a call for them is essential as they required to be on the scene for a proper police report and recording on the scene to mitigate or prove at-fault driver's innocence, because if you dont, there could be some serious legal consequences that you might face given the fact that you have abandoned the victim and this could stress out pedestrian's insurers. 

  • Make any form of documentation such as taking video or photos

    Documentation in any form of accidents is very important as it lets the authorities and insurers to determine who is at fault or figure out possibility how did the accident occur. Aside from that, taking notes of the following: contact details of every focal person involved in the accident, location, time, date of the accident as well as the weather as it is one of pivot factors to determine who is at fault, taking badge number and name of the officers who have responded to the scene will be important in the latter too. 

    Taking photos and video can as well clear up your name if the video or photos of the accident is pedestrian's fault too. 

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