What to do in a Single Vehicle Accident

What to do in a Single Vehicle Accident

What to do in a Single Vehicle Accident

Most road accidents are invovled with two or more cars which one of those caused the accident and has damage on all cars involved and will be accounted for all of the liability being wasted in the scene. But rarely, there is an accident where only one of the cars involved in the accident took the damage and people inside that car solely sustained injuries, this is called single-vehicle accident.

A single-vehicle accident is a type of accident on road that only damages one vehicle. It is also considered as single-vehicle accident even if an external factor such as other driver or object that has slightly contributed to the accident to happen, if the crash still involves only one vehicle and solely yours, its still single-vehicle accident. 


This numbers show how frequent and prevalent single-vehicle crash in U.S. in 2019 from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS): 

  • In 2019, there is a total of 19,257 deaths out of more than 36,000 crashes recorded on single-vehicle deaths which has 50% fatality rate.

  • With those numbers, state of Texas has the highest death counts regarding single-vehicle accidents as it contributes more than 1,700 deaths in almost 20,000 deaths in U.S.

  • In contrary, the lowest state of death counts involving single-vechicle deaths is the state of Columbia as it only recorded 14 deaths in the same year. 

  •  While state of Maine had the highest death percentage in single-vehicle crashes with 68% in the same year. 

  • And Nebraska has the lowest death percentage in single-vehicle crashes with 43% yet has the highest death percentage in multiple-vehicle crashes with 57% in 2019. 

Ways how single vehicle accidents occur

As mentioned, single-vehicle accidents may usually occur either with external factors or all by driver's error itself, in here, these are the common scenes how single vehicle accidents escalate:

  • Losing control over the vehicle and drove off the road leading to other's property

  • Sudden break or hitting over something that caused the vehicle to go upside down

  • Colliding with wild animals 

  • Driving while texting, calling or eating, collectively called as distracted driving

  • Unnoticing objects lying on road such as heavy machineries, debries or potholes

  • Crashing on boulders,trees, and even posts 

  • Overspeeding on bad road conditions and bad weather conditions

What should an individual do in an event of single vehicle accident?

it is an initiative or what we called instinct that after an accident, occupants inside the car involved in the accident should exit immediately as fast as possible. Though, before leaving, victims should do the formalities to call the policea and file a police report for the accident to be officially recorded even if there are no casualties as assessed. 

This step should not be skipped since there would be chances of involvement of external party that you can blame the liabilities and charge them for making the accident to occur in the first place. Police reports and photos of the scene should be strong enough as a proof to file a claim against someone and make it valid for their insurers to take notice of the claim. 

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