Why the Google Self-Driving Car Reduces Injuries

Why the Google Self-Driving Car Reduces Injuries

Self Driving Cars and InjuriesGoogle claims that the self-driving car is designed to reduce the risk of injuries to pedestrians in an accident. Those pedestrian protection features are courtesy of the car’s unique front-end design. The design comprises compressible foam and a flexible windshield that is much more likely to protect people from serious injuries in an accident.  In a typical collision with a car, a pedestrian is likely to crash through the windshield, sustaining serious and possibly fatal injuries. According to the company, those risks are mitigated with the Google self-driving car.

Passenger Injury Risks with the Google Self-Driving Car

The technology also translates into a substantially lower risk of injuries involving pedestrians from the self-driving car. Google says the car comes with sensors that detect objects surrounding the car up to a distance of more than two football fields in all directions. That means a much lower risk of coming into contact with another car from any direction, therefore, a lower risk of injuries to passengers. Some of the biggest injury risks to passengers involve side-impact accidents like broadsiding or T-boning accidents. The Google self-driving car essentially reduces the risk of accidents that injure passengers very seriously. Although a 25 mph limit may seem like a joke, Google is taking its car very seriously and believes that once the safety aspect is proven, there no reason why the car should not travel at 100 mph.  Very few cars, barring a few exceptions manufactured by Volvo, actually prioritize pedestrian safety or have invested in reducing the risk to pedestrians, so the Google model is worth encouraging.

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