Winter road accidents rate in Ohio

Winter road accidents rate in Ohio

Road Accidents in Winter at Ohio

It has been few months passed that road users experienced driving on ice as winter escalated and now surprisingly is approaching fastly again. The winter season in Ohio is the deadliest time of year for drivers. Why? Many people just don't know how to drive on snow and ice. Frosty conditions and slick roads are the norm during winter in Ohio. The more prolonged winters mean that there is a higher frequency of black ice, which can be deadly to drivers who aren't prepared for it. Drivers should keep their cars fully stocked with emergency supplies such as extra clothing or blankets so they will not have any delays traveling from one location to another if needed. In months ranging from December to early April, combined there are more than 5 times as many car accidents involving injuries or deaths during these months compared with July through October according to a study by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (Nationwide). The danger and risk in driving in winter increases when you add poor driving conditions like icy roads causing slicker highways that lead up to an increase in deadly mishaps, excluding the fact that main roads are busier in winter.

Basing in Value Penguin statistics, in years ranging from 2013-2017, there were 172 cases of winter driving being recorded with 28.3 annual average in every 100 winter days scales, JUST in the state of Ohio alone. Cases in neighboring states are relatively close with the number given and considered high. Michigan in those range of years of observation was spotted first on the list as the state has accumulated 282 cases with averaging 37 accidents every 100 winter days while Kentucky's the state with lowest cases recorded with 55 fatalities and has average numbers of 12.8 in 100-days scale. 

How can risks in driving in snowy roads be mitigated and even prevented?

Traveling through roads during winter season is unavoidable as no one wants to miss these incredible sales and offers by many stores, even in bad weather condition and risky road shape. What road users left is with is prevention and proper countermeasures.

Apt car tune up according to road conditions and defensive driving - The conditions of the road is ever changing, and that's why it can be tough for drivers to keep up. Whether you're racing down a slick-as-ice highway or powering through an unpacked snow flurry, your car needs regular tune ups so they are always prepared with fresh oil in order to move efficiently without slipping out.

Insurance Company and Injury Lawyer are present at your back- As the icy air and snowflakes fly, it's important to protect yourself with good winter car insurance. Don't just wait for something bad to happen - get a quote from your dedicated insurer today! If you've already been in an accident this year don't worry; we'll help make sure that everything is taken care of by getting in touch with your local personal injury lawyer who will be able to provide legal representation during court proceedings and negotiations.

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