Dangers and Risks for Retail Shop Workers

Dangers and Risks for Retail Shop Workers

Working in Retail Shops Danger

As U.S.' economic activities are slowly backing up because most population of communities or majority of the people were already vaccinated, mall activities are slowly recovering from the financial damaged inflicted by the pandemic because of the people's halt for going to thus the economic activities of physical stores has now resumed. Opportunities such as jobs, selling merchandise, and other are waving back to our fellow americans and other economical activities and living that has been revoked from them in the event of the pandemic. Common job at the mall is working at a retail shops or clothes shop, though, it seemed safe and free from risks since an employee doesn't emerge from life threatening activities but presence of life threatening objects that has been lying below the surface or being placed above such as boxes and wire are something to be noticed. 

In this blog, we are going to staple common dangers in a retail shop. In an observation from 2016, the general retail industry related workers has an injury and illness rate of 3.3 for every 100 full-time workers that is seemed higher than the general construction industry according to Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS). Here are common factors related to the tendency of the nature of job:  

Overexertion and Muscle Fatigue

As a retail store employee, everyone has to do everyone's job as they are not specifically assigned to only one job except for the cashier. One of the jobs for a retail worker in order to maintain everything inside, one has the responsibility to lift certain packages, designs, as well as to assist customers when they ask for assistance about something enormous. 

If lifting became one of the worker's main responsibility and tend to lift something almost everyday, he might develop muscluar fatigue or overexertion if there are no intervals on his/her liftings or even lifting weights beyond his/her capacity and might even cause a tear in muscles. It is better to take turns with other co-workers when lifting and assess one's self or the package itself if one can handle it to avoid being injured in muscles since it leaves lasting effect and may develop complicated disorders. 

Falling Objects

As most retail stores has multi-leveled shelves to put things in order and save space, it has also a bad history of causing injuries to its workers surrounding. Most shelves are tall to save space and when things from that height fall off, it could cause intense pain or injury, even small objects that fell from the said height may have lengthy effect. 

To avoid being struck with falling objects, address your employer the risks of having specific types of shelves and ask for a safer one and as an employer, he would ask for an assistance from a safety engineer to work with the flaws that he had in his retail shop. 

Slips and Falls 

In every work space, the posing risk of slips, trips and falls is present. Causes are simply from wet or slippery floors to serious bad cable management and uneven floors that would make workers commit mistake for stepping in to. Corners of shelves, chairs and table can also cause trips to women retail workers even if they step on it slightly as they are mostly wearing heels. 

Injuries sustained range from common scrapes to bruises, sprain or even a broken bone. 

Faulty Machine

Though it is rare for common retail stores to use a machinery but there are cases of injuries inflicted by the usage of a machinery, specifically heat press and alike and not heavy machinery obviously. Employees who control their small machineries should be focused and don't let themselves 

Finally, retail employees are vulnerable to injuries caused by machinery. Not all retail workers have to use machinery, let alone heavy machinery—but the ones who do are susceptible to bruises, cuts, crush injuries, broken bones, and more. Avoid the temptation to “zone out” while working with machinery. Follow all the safety precautions and training provided. If you notice a gap in safety training or issues with the machinery, alert your superiors as soon as possible.

Call your Lawyer

If you have been injured while performing your duty in a retail store or the job itself has caused you to sustain injuries and after assessment, you thought that the employer has been negligent about imposing safety measures and adhering to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), then you are entitled to file a claim for workers' compensation. 

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