Workplace Lifting Injuries

Workplace Lifting Injuries

Workplace Lifting Injuries

Most work places are well-equipped with technology and machineries that easen employees' required task and the fact that manual works are unavoidable. Manual lifts and manual moving of work-related stuff from place to place or arranging puts an employee in danger according to studies, but the fact that these handlings and liftings involve more than just the limbs but it includes the spinal cord, hips, and neck which is a great implicit exercise or workout for employees, on contrary, given that these specific regions of the body are involved, it could also mean that errors in those said region is high possible when an employee is doing the lifting or handling wrong or is involved in an accident. 

Though, accidents involving handling and lifting are preventable if measures are established and implemented by the employer such as safety training, proper handling and lifting training, medical assessment and check-ups, and safe work environment and ergonomic equipment to aid handling performance can highly reduce the risk of sustenance of injury and enable workers to perform way better. 

If not, lifting and handling tasks at work could result in musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs) which encomprises of series of sprains and strains on bones and muscle and could develop in to more serious injuries and could transition to more risky consequences when activities involve bending, twisting, carrying heavy loads, and bad lifting postures are involved, equipments are also taken into account. 

How to properly lift and handle loads manually?

Here are some few instructions used in most work places when lifting:

  • Before lifting, assess the weight of the load if you have the strength to carry it or not and if in doubt, ask for someone's assistance in your workplace to carry it for you or work together. 

  • Clear the path when the lift is going as well as the surface of where the load is getting at. 

  • Most established work places has implemented or has given seminars on safety general instructions including on lifting, follow the recommended lifting position with equipped gears for lifting or if it doesn't suit you, find a comfortable and stable lifting position that gives off air for you.  

  • When the load feels start to slip away from your grip, set the load down slowly and reposition yourself and the load before lifting, keeping the load close to your body. 

  • Avoid leaning your body sideways when lifting, let your legs and feet cruise the path for you and keep your hips and arms aligned at the duration. 

What should the work place look like in lifting-involved jobs?

There are few similarities and stern instruction and vision that lifting-involved jobs should look like, here are some of them: 

  1. Decrease in distance of dropping off loads to reduce the manual carrying distance for workers and making sure that the path for manual lifting is clear from obstructions and has flat surface. 

  2. Reducing loads' weight by splitting them in smaller value of package if possible. 

  3. By providing them apt working equipment and gears, workers can be assured to get a good grip on their loads. 

  4. Employers could loosen the quota for employees allow themselves to breath and not push themselves that may cause them to sustain injury and etc. 

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