Causes of Rollover Accidents

Causes of Rollover Accidents

Causes of Rollover Accidents 

Car accidents are caused by multiple external and internal factor which could result in different types of accident. Among all types of car accident, rollover accident is an extreme form of road accident and requires a lot of external and internal issues for it to occur. Specifically, a rollover car accident is an extreme type of crash in which a vehicle flips over unto its side or roof. According to researches and observations, rollovers were said to have higher fatality rate compared to other forms of vehicle collisions due to its form. 

According to National Highway and Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), the main ingedient for a rollover accident to happen is driver error which they consider plays an important role in determining one. Though, aside from that, there are also overseen specific driver errors that were result from overcompensation such as: 

  1. Overspeeding 

    First common factor that is present on almost every form of fatal car crash is excessive speeding especially in rollover accidents, as almost 40% of all fatal rollovers that occurred along roads involved speed at atleast 55 mph speed limit. 

  2. Driving Under Influence (DUI) and Drowsy Driving

    Similar to overspeeding, impaired driving in general which includes drunk driving and drowsy driving, has a bad long history of being quite the determinant of an accident but this doesn't mean that it guarantee a fatal rollover accident most of the time. 

  3. Country Roads

    According to studies, about 75% of total rollover accidents every year happen on rural roadways with speed limits of at least 55 mph, this is said due to their lacking of road safety features as it is less traveled and people choose more developed highways. 

  4. Still using Bad or Worn Out Tires 

    Some reports stated that bad tires result in blowout which escalates to rollover accidents when simultaneously happen while driving in high speed. Also, worn out tires could make drivers lose their control over their vehicle which could lead in another form of car accident. 

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