Christmas Season Related Injuries

Christmas Season Related Injuries

Christmas Season Related Injuries

Christmas season is nearing and people reacting to this fact are now busy and are all over malls and groceries in preparations for their own plans. Roads, malls, and establishments are almost full and people are clustering even before and during the known Christmas Rush. Given that, we cannot cross out the occurrences of accidents among these sections in a city especially during this season where the environment's is full (christmas decorations, snowy roads, and seasonal maximum density of people in a market), these risks still includes slip, trips, fall, cuts, burns, and even electric shocks. 

Christmas Day may be the most festive holiday among all that comes once a year, it is still essential to keep in mind that there are risk existing out there and never cross out the fact that there are risks present in your house as well. As according to studies, 14,000 people sustain injuries linked to Christmas Holidays each year. With this, it is already evident that Christmas season is an unusual peak time for accidents and stress, in addition, according to a study done by Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), more than 80,000 people go to A&E each year for Christmas-related accidents and among of these numbers, 6,000 of these are in need of hospital stay. In this blog, we are going to find out what causes these injury numbers of most common Christmas injuries.

Lacerations and Cuts 

Lacerations, shallow and deep cuts are the most common injury sustained during Christmas season. These can be caused by bumping into broken or sharp christmas ornaments inside your house or inside an establishment, broken fragile glass designs, utensils, or utilities, these accidents could result in a range of severity of lacerations and cuts. 

Mild to serious Electrocution

There are some reported cases of electrocution caused by Christmas lights and other Christmas-related ornaments, but thankfully, those reported cases of electrocution caused by such are mostly mild and rarely serious cases occurred. Electrocution of these extent could occur in either commercial establishments or at home, we recommend to follow proper safety precautions when setting up lights and be cautious on where you step at or what you were holding and avoid overcharging outlets always. 


Burns have recorded few mild to serious cases and they are common to happen during Christmas season. Burns can be sustained in many means such as making close contact with fireworks, preparation for food (kitchen burns), and even as a result from electrocution. As a countermeasure to large scale fire, always check your materials surrounding your near outlets if they get burned easily or what, always use gloves when conducting preparation involving fire, and stay away from fire crackers when they begin to explode.

Slip, Trips, and Fall

Seconding to lacerations and cuts, slip and fall accidents are the second most common as these can occur with little to none condition. This could occur during mall shoppings, groceries, installing christmas decorations and ornaments, and even walking on an uneven surface, these are commonly caused by wet surface, uneven surface, lying materials and wirings on the floor, and human error (sudden imbalance). 

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