How can Refusing Medical Attention Affect your Injury Claim?

How can Refusing Medical Attention Affect your Injury Claim?

How can Refusing Medical Attention Affect your Injury Claim?

In general terms, medical attention is considered for people with emergency warning symptoms such as difficulty or shortness in breathing, pain or discomfort within chest regions or abdomen, flu-like symptoms are also considered needing of medical attention. 

Medical attention's timing is vital for such pointed scenarios above and shouldn't ignore the fact that the need of an individual following sensing serious symptoms of their current health condition or underlying health issue or even an accident, specifically car accidents. In terms of civil litigation, medical attention plays important role in a successful injury claim as it could enable opposing insurance companies to deny or devalue your claim on your compensation value as an excuse or concrete cause. Since refusal of having medical attention after a car accident as a victim, this is an apparent opening for insurance companies to devalue your claim significantly and this is what our blog we'll be all about -- when is someone's neglect to his/her injury is apt and how it could affect his/her injury claim in crucial times and how can Ohio injury attorneys can help victims to make a way for its legitimacy of victims' reasons.  

Why do some victims refuse medical treatment following an accident? 

Either minor and major car crash could fall in two results too, major and minor injuries, some of these major injuries are not visible or felt until a thorough examination and proper diagnosis done by a qualified physician. Eitherway, victims of all forms of car crash should immediately seek medical attention as it results in either closed or open wounds wherein closed injuries recorded high numbers of fatalities and disabilities yearly such as whiplashes, head and neck injuries as their symptoms appear days or weeks following the event of an accident. 

The previous fact is the sole reason why most people who sustained "minor" and insignificant injuries refuse to get a medical attention following an accident as they thought that going to a medical institution would be time-consuming and brings a lot of hassle and unexpected expenditure on medical bills and medicine in general. But this whim on victims' ends could be corrected as refusal of initial medical treatment could be recovered through seeing a qualified medical professional a day or less following the accident, as even they may say that some injuries may take time to be felt because of the adrenaline rush during the accident. 

But, the take is that medical responders should be there for initial medical treatment to essentially take opinions from victims on why they'd refuse on taking them to a hospital and reject the idea of provision of care. The validity of their reason, even if personal take, depends on insurers on how they'd perceive it. Religious beliefs or personal beliefs are some reasons that most insurers doesn't hold on to and a strong point to devalue their claim if they'd ever file for one. 

Does refusal of medical attention affect your claim negatively?

The action of refusal of medical attention's impact completely depends on the context of the case as a victim, they have certain set of rights gain and one of them is the right to refuse medical treatment in most situations and even right to refuse elective surgery. But this fact alone could affect your claim as insurance companies are enable to argue that the victim in question is not injured enough to be eligible for an injury claim. 

With this, our lawyers recommend victims to review and recheck your options when involved in one and take the one with most benefits. Having an experienced law firm on your side during the event of filing a claim would optimize your chances of successful injury claim. 

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