Low Impact Collisions

Low Impact Collisions

Low Impact Collisions 

From high speed causes of accidents to mechanical errors such as blowouts, causes of accidents ranges widely and classified as intentional and unintentional which makes it hard to predict when an accident happen next. Expecting large damages when an high speed crash happened is normal but expecting minor injuries from low speed or low impact traffic collision is pretty wrong and could be risky.

A low impact collision occur when a car or two collide to a property or to another car while at low speed, usually under 15 mph. For most, this is deemed as a minor offense, this includes rear-end bumps while stuck in a traffic or bumping someone's rear into your front while at complete rest. Here are some examples for low impact collisions or context on how it happened: 

  • Side-swiping an at rest vehicle (in traffic or at parking lots)

  • Backing up in another car (in traffic or at parking lots)

  • Bumping a vehicle on its front during a stop-and-go traffic 

Injuries Possibly Sustained

One of the most common sustained injury in these type of low impact collisions is whiplash. Whiplash in general, is a type of injur where neck and its nearing parts causes to hurt and has history of tendency to develop in to bad complications such as herniated disks and even nerve damage. The whiplash is caused by the sudden movement from the impact to your car dealt by the other car who is at-fault when proven and most of the times they do. 

Common early symptoms of whiplash are neck pain, stiffness and tenderness, lower body pains, back pain, dizziness and confusion, as well as unclear reception of ears. These symptoms should be immediately check to proper medical experts as they could result in either temporary or even permanent numbness, pain and disorientation of movements on limbs. 

In extreme occassions, it is possible for victims that have sustained whiplash to suffer collaterally spinal cord injuries that could result in paralysis, including delayed or even loss of reflexes. Other injuries that low impact collisions that can be sustained include: 

  • Bruising, lacerations, and cuts

  • Strained and sprained muscles and even torn ligaments 
  • Fractured bones

  • Concussions, confusions, and headaches 

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