Negligent Vehicle Maintenance

Negligent Vehicle Maintenance

Negligent Vehicle Maintenance

Owning a car weighs heavy responsibilities afterwards, from safety driving and road usage up to the maintenance itself. Buying a car is expensive but the latter part is more expensive, excluding the responsible driving and adhering to road norms, that adds up more when used daily wherein fuel cost, oil changes, tire maintenance, battery, replacing cables and hoses, etc. are being minded while one enjoying the experience of owning a car. These costs are more heavy and creates an inconvenient scenario when encountered a problem unexpectedly.

Given that most vehicle users doesn't have the luxury of time to learn more about their car and its symptoms when a problem is sprouting, they couldn't self-assess their car if it is still road worthy and tend to learn about their car's problem along travel which usually results in bad car accidents, either involving other cars or single-vehicle accidents. Slipping these things on their mind is a form of negligence, unintentional or intentional, it would result in an eligibility for a victim in the accident to file for a form of claim. 

Factors for Vehicle Maintenance Liability

  • Failing or unreliable brakes

    A subtle grinding or screeching noise under your car do occur while using brake pedals indicate that your brake system should be delivered to a car service shop for maintenance as those sounds are indication of failing, slippery, or worn out brakes which are not reliable when used in its most needed situations such as stopping immediately from a car that has popped up out of nowhere. Aside from worn out brake pads that produces noise when applying brakes, brake fluid leaking is also a sign of a failing brake system which suggests a significant issue in your vehicle. 

  • Old or underinflated tires

    Tires play an important role in safety driving and cruising in all types of road, aside from brakes, integrity of tire set accounts also to the factor if the car could be able to stop immediately after applying brakes. Tire blowout is an accident where tire is lacking or has surplus amount of pressure and could occur anytime, checking your tires' pressure is also an essential before driving short or long distance. 

  • Broken headlights or taillights

    Failing light system or vehicle indicators is one of the most fatal negligence or mechanical error that one could have missed on their mind. Since vehicle indicators explain for themselves, they warn incoming or following drivers or in general, they are your means of communicating with other drivers, for an instance you want to turn left then you can use your signals to tell other drivers that you are going to turn left. Aside from safety reasons, the authority doesn't allow the travel of vehicles with broken indicator system, if you want a motivation to fix your light system. 

Who are possibly liable to Negligent Vehicle Maintenance?

In general, anyone who is involved or have history of one's vehicle maintenance, aside from the owner, could be liable if they have done wrong to the car such as incompatibilities and low quality services. Some of them are:

  • Owner

  • Mechanics

  • Dealerships

  • Manufacturers

If ever one of your family members or closests friend has been involved in an accident who have sustained either minor or significant injuries and even a possible case of amputation because of a teenager has shown apparent negligence and recklessness and caused an accident and render the victim to have life-threatening injuries and condition, you can always refer help from a professional experienced injury lawyer to smoothen things out as your hired lawyers can help you decide from their factual and legal advices.

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