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What are Major Accidents?

By Thomas Ryan | Negligence | February 2, 2022

A car accident could only result in two forms, major and minor accidents. Sometimes, it is confusing how to identify which is which and what proper respond should people involved in the accident must do essentially. In this blog, we are going to differentiate minor and major accidents, how to identify one, and what legal actions could an individual involved as a victim could do.


Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accident

By Thomas Ryan | Vehicle Accidents | February 2, 2022

As summer is approaching to arrive, weather is expected to be significantly warmer in the States and so experts expect that there will be an increase numbers of motorcyclists along roads. As this is true, it is also a fact that the more number of specific vehicle present in the roadway, there will be more chances of them to be involved in a road crash specifically motorcycle related crashes.


Nerve Damages Following a Car Accident

By Thomas Ryan | Car Accidents | February 1, 2022

Car accidents’ factors play big role in contribution of what extent an accident be in terms of severity and what are its damages inflicted to the victims. Generally, it could range from minor to severe or even fatal injury. Some forms of injuries from car accident are broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, and lacerations.

One injury that most overlook is nerve damage. There is a big chance of obtaining though since there are around 7 trillion nerves spreaded throughout an individual’s body and any of these nerves are exposed and sensitive to violent force and even stretched out could cause an issue which will transition into a threat.


Filing a Claim for the Loss of Enjoyment of Life

By Thomas Ryan | Negligence | February 1, 2022

In a personal injury claim, there are forms of damages that defendant is liable at. It is divided into two wide categories, namely, economic damages where it is a liability held by the at-fault side in which it involves objective, countable, and/or verifiable monetary losses such as possible total medical expenses, property loss, possible earnings lost, cost of amendments, repairs, and etc. While, non-economic damages on the other hand, are opposite to economic damages, wherein it involves non-tangible matters and has subjective values such as emotional turmoil, mental damages and trauma, physical disabilities, loss of companionship, injury to reputation, and loss of enjoyment of life.


Gross Negligence in Ohio

By Thomas Ryan | Negligence | January 31, 2022

In a personal injury lawsuit, there are elements that had to be considered and checked thoroughly as filing a lawsuit in most states is meticolous. Some of these elements are known commonly as sense of liability of the at-fault driver, evident or existing damage, the negligence resulted in sustenance of injury, and negligence itself. Though the word negligence is divided into two terms, negligence and gross negligence.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what is gross negligence and its difference between ordinary negligence for people who are within experiencing lawsuit should know terms and avoid confusion between the two.


General Causes of Car Accidents Part 2

By Thomas Ryan | Car Accidents | January 29, 2022

This blog is a continuation of the general causes of car accidents, as causes of car accidents has no known lines of times nor identity of someone. It is unfortunate that millions of people fallen victim over vehicular accidents yearly even it is all preventable. This stemmed from unawareness of road users of the circumstances that became required condition for an accident to happen. In bridging the previous blog, these are the other causes of accidents.


Filing a Claim for Wrongful Death of Pregnant Mother

By Thomas Ryan | Wrongful Death | January 29, 2022

Bearing a child is a mother’s pure moment of happiness, as she carried the baby for months and eventually see her child after meticulous care of herself. But, oftentimes, this isn’t the case as some things could go wrong for few factors. This blunders or natural occurrences could put the mother and the baby in danger in most cases and even pose the risk of permanent injury or disability and even death. Few cases of these events are result of medical malpractice.

In this blog, we have stipulated few steps to take when experiencing same narrative of this situation and how to file a legal claim and what conditions should be met before coming up to these with the hope of recovering damages through wrongful death and/or medical malpractice lawsuit.


Prevention of Struck-By Injuries in Construction Work Places

By Thomas Ryan | Negligence | January 28, 2022

In a construction site, one thing that is constantly present is the equipment called crane or similar to that. A crane is a type of heavy machinery, usually distinguishable by having a hoist, wire, or chains as a rope or as a connecting tool between the hook. It is usually used to lift or lower materials as well as move them horizontally, especially heavy objects needing of transport from a place to another but not everything a crane can handle, usually enlongated and open ended heavy objects.


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