Concerning Peak Pedestrian Deaths

Concerning Peak Pedestrian Deaths

Concerning Peak Pedestrian Deaths 

In road. there are multiple risks that show up once you take a step in the roads, this isn't only applicable for vehicle users but as well as to the other road users such as pedestrians. Pedestrian accidents caused by external factors and even worse, negligence by drivers, has been an ongoing issue for most states with high population density and recently, cases of pedestrian accidents which involved deaths has skyrocketed in the past year which concerns authorities and agencies linked and responsible for the control of those occurrences. 

As in 2017, almost 6,000 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in United States, it could translate in one death for every 88 minutes. In addition, pedestraisn are 1.5 times more likely to be involved in a crash rather than passengers or occupants of a vehicle that could result in fatality. 

The Spike in Occurrence of Pedestrian Accidents

According to Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA), they have concluded that traffic deaths in 2019 is the peak recorded numbers of the specific occurrence since 1988. From their estimations, more than 6,500 pedestrian fatalities were recorded in the first six months in 2019, a significant increase of 5% from 2018 and more than 60% of increase from 2019 in terms of fatalities. 

States with Highest Pedestrian Fatalities 

Here are the 5 states that the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) mentioned with the highest pedestrian fatalities that accounted for almost 50% in 2019. 

  • Florida ( Has the highest rates of pedestrian deaths per 100,000 people)

  • Texas

  • California

  • Arizona

  • Georgia

While the states with lowest death rate of pedestrians are Vermont, Wisconsin, and Idaho

Possible Cause of Spike

The Governors Highway Safety Administration stated that the probable cause of this spike, specifically periods of 2009 and 2018, is the proportional increase of cars and human activities which are all conducted outdoors and the possibility of pedestrian crash increases due to distracted driving caused by their phones. 

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