Preparing Your Car Wreck Emergency Kit

Preparing Your Car Wreck Emergency Kit

Car Safety KitWhat to Include in Your Car Emergency Kit

While a car safety kit is important all year round, Cleveland winters tend to be especially cold and harsh. Combining the elements of an Ohio winter with a car accident can mean that you will definitely need winter specific items in your kit. However, rather than breaking down your kit season by season, just make the kit big enough to keep it prepared with year-round supplies. The Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness (OCSWA) suggestsstoring your safety kit items in a plastic tub with a secure lid to protect the items from the elements as well as the impact of a crash. Some essential roadside emergency kit items, according to the OCSWA, are:
  • Two blankets or a sleeping bag;
  • Extra clothing to help keep you warm;
  • Emergency flares to warn oncoming drivers and emergency workers of your location;
  • Bright cloth or rag to use as a signal;
  • Cell phone with charger and extra battery;
  • Flashlight with batteries;
  • Bottled water;
  • Non-perishable food items like granola bars, packaged crackers and cheese, hard candies;
  • Tow rope or chain in case emergency vehicles are delayed;
  • A first aid kit with necessary medicine and plenty of bandages; and
  • Sand or non-clumping cat littler to help provide traction if stuck in snow or on ice (though be sure to follow police instructions regarding whether you can or cannot move your vehicle after an accident).
Other items that may help protect your accident claim include:
  • Several pens and paper to write down accident info;
  • Disposable camera (or you may use your cell phone to take pictures); and
  • Insurance information (you must carry this with you when driving, but keep an extra copy in your emergency kit).
The Ohio Emergency Management Agency (EMA) urges Ohioans to also limit travel during extreme cold weather conditions. If you must travel when the temperature falls into the single digits or below, the EMA suggests putting chains on your car tires, not using water to rinse snow and ice off of a windshield because of the risk of cracking the glass, and letting someone know your destination and the expected arrival time. Be sure to talk to your attorney before turning over any items to an insurance adjuster including photos and videos of the scene, anything you wrote down, and any audio you recorded at the scene. Out of context, the insurance company may use certain items against you.

Hiring an Attorney to Help you with Your Accident Claim

The final step to protecting yourself (legally) if you are in a Cleveland accident comes after the wreck. If a negligent driver has caused serious injury, pain and suffering, and other serious damages, protect yourself by calling Ryan, LLP at (877) 864-9495 or contact us online to set up a free initial consultation with a lawyer to review the circumstances of your case and your legal options.

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