Risks of Vibration to Construction Workers

Risks of Vibration to Construction Workers

Risks of Vibration to Construction Workers

Big movements, small movements, all happen simultaneously in almost every work place which are sometimes not noticed by people inside the work place's premises as they are focused on their own craft or role. May it be a construction site or an office workplace setup, vibration is always present and even more surprising when we knew that even grocery stores produce miniscule amount of vibrations that is barely felt by most of us. 

If you are wondering why we are talking about vibrations, because in this blog we are going to talk about how vibrations could affect a worker that is exposed daily to such "risk" in his/her long term health. Some of the readers would think of vibrations as risk is a myth and isn't real, but it does. Some studies in U.S. which has focused on industrial and workplace related produced vibrations which piqued their interest and invested thousands of their time as it has been intriguing on why people working in fields that produce vibrations in any amount appears to feel few health condition, specifically musculoskeletal and neurological conditions which is punishing people at old ages (also age range where people from the said fields retire at) which they found out that it is not plain coincidence.

Even if a workplace has established solid and dependable set of restrictions and rules inside the workplace to preserve its overall safety and security especially towards its workers rendering preventable accidents to a full prevention but presence of risk which are barely detectable such as vibrations making employers' safety and prevention countermeasures porous in a sense at least. 

Hand-arm Vibrations

So, what are hand-arm vibrations? These specific type of vibrations are caused by repeated and constant exposure or usage of hand-held tools and equipment that produces vibrations such as power drills, drills, chainsaws, etc. Though, we can't cross out other possibilities and sources such as being simply working accompanied with machineries that vibrates. Prolonged exposure due to work duration to hand-arm vibrations could cause Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), it is the collective term for the manifested symptoms such as changes or pain in tendons, muscles, joints, bones, up to the general nervous system. Patients who suffer from such condition has reportedly to feel: 

  • Blanching of one or more fingers when exposed to cold (whitening)

  • Loss of light touch 

  • Lesser grip strength

  • Cysts found in fingers and/or wrists

  • Feeling of pain and coldness during blaching or white finger attacks
  • Tingling sensation or numbing in parts of finger

From what previously stated, vibration induced health conditions has late onset and progress slowly. From the start of accumulating the said condition in question, it starts with common pain in affected areas and if the exposure persists, the pain may transition into an injury or disease. Physicians encourage people who work in places or works with equipments that produce vibrations and have felt pain to go to hospital to address the pain and seek proper medical attention to stop the development of worse injury.

How to avoid or minimize the risk of sustaining Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome?

  1. Keep in mind to hold tools or equipment you are working with that produces vibrations as loosely as possible and change position every once in a while. 

  2. Use the proper tool which is up for the task.

  3. Remember to take a break.

  4. Keep yourself warm at work. 

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