Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections In Ohio

Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections In Ohio

Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections In Ohio

Among all car accidents, one of the most incovenient and has the most damage dealt are highway crashes and intersection accidents which involves multiple vehicles. Common causes of intersection car crashes are disobeying traffic signal and miscommunication of vehicles' signals which result to failure of yielding the right of wayRunning over a red light due to rush and hoping to get through the intersection on a yellow light and unintentional misunderstanding traffic signals are also root of causing a intersection car crash. 

Throughout the years, specifically years 2014 up to 2019, in Ohio intersection-related car crash occurrences are leading cause of sustenance of injuries and death as nearly half of all collisions in that year resulted in injury or death at an intersection. For this blog, we have listed 10 intersections in Ohio that has high death rate and occurrence of accidents for you readers to be aware where does these deaths came from specifically and be wary when crossing these intersections. 

These data presented are from the six year compilation of collision data from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), where they have isolated crashes that only resulted to injury or fatality. The result appeared, out from almost 440,000 total crashes that occurred from 2014-2019, it led to almost 50,000 serious injuries, almost 250,000 minor to moderate injuries, and more than 6,400 deaths. And here are the top 10 intersections that has contributed to these numbers. 

Rank                                                                       Intersection                City    Crashes


Fatality Danger

Cleveland Av & Morse Rd

Columbus 71 52 3     2   188.64

OH 28 & Romar Dr 

Miami TWP 53 39 17 0 183.6

Hamilton Rd & Livingston Ave

Columbus 66 49 6 0 174.96

Airport Hw & Byrne Rd

Toledo 78 36 9 0 166.32

Karl Rd & Morse Rd

Columbus 56 55 2 0 166.32

Hilliard Rome Rd & Renner Rd

Columbus 51 42 7 1 159.84

Cleveland Av & Dublin Granville Rd

Columbus 66 45 3 0 155.52

James H Mcgee Bl & 3Rd St

Dayton 50 32 13 0 151.92

Roberts Rd & Hilliard Rome Rd

Columbus 46 38 9 0 147.6

Main St & Mcnaughten RD

Columbus 65 43 2 0 146.88

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