Traffic Violation Involvement in Crashes Statistics

Traffic Violation Involvement in Crashes Statistics

Traffic Violation Involvement in Crashes Statistics

Given that car accidents does require specific factors and scenarios for it to occur. This could range from:

  • mechanical error
  • human error
  • weather condition
  • road condition

Which damages range from the intensity and involvement of factors mentioned normally. But aside from these controllable and preventable factors, one of the most disappointing fact regarding the occurrence of accidents is that traffic violation results to more than 30% of accidents that occur each year. It is concerning as there are estimated 1.3 million people die annually due to road traffic crashes due to these factors combined. 

In some studies, it is found out that on few states the most road accidents that escalated yearly were caused by one or more traffic violation which mostly are considered human error yet preventable ones. 

In this blog, we are going to enlighten what are these specific traffic violations that tend to result in either minor or major traffic crash. 

Risk Factors

From an insight, most traffic violations in this list are deemed human error or poor driving condition which are all preventable through discipline and regulation of one's self and doesn't require the volition and reprimand from the traffic authority. And here attached to them are data in a retrospect as why they were acknowledged as deadly traffic violation. 


  • According to World Health Organization (WHO), an increase in driving speed is proportional to the likelihood of that vehicle being involved in a crash as well as its severity, it equates to an 4% increase in risk of being involved or causing a fatal crash for every 1% in speed increase. 
  • T-bone car crashes are more fatal by 85% when speed reaches at 65 km/h for occupants. While, the risk of fatality for pedestrian-involved car crash increases by 4.5 times when car speed reaches 50 km/h up to 65 km/h. 

Driving Under Influence

  • According to studies, driving under influence of alcohol or any drugs could increase the risk of an extreme car crash that usually end up in fatalities or sustenance of serious injuries. 
  • The risk of occurrence of a crash increases when alcohol volume in driver's blood or BAC is ≥ 0.04 g/dl significantly but even small recorded amount of BAC still does affect one's driving. 
  • While in drugged driving, the results of an accident scales depending on the drug that a driver consumed if it is psychoactive or what. 

Distracted Driving

  • Drivers who practice distracted driving are said to be likely involved in car crash 4 times than drivers who don't as it notably slows down reaction time in general respond to road happenings. 
  • Despite being viewed as harm-free for drivers, hands-free phones has still considerable amount of risk for a crash to happen. 

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