Types of Car Accidents

Types of Car Accidents

Types of Car Accidents 

It is known and given that there are various factors for a road accident happen such as involved vehicles' speed, road condition, and drivers' condition, it is expected that every involvement of these factors results in to different forms of road crash. They may all look exactly the same as we goes across everyday with road accident on our way to work or school, but the addition and the narrative of the reason why the crash happened beforehand, would tell what type of accident we were looking at.

Each accidents has difference, including the severity of the damage, property, injuries and casualties. As they have sustained either minor or significant damages in the accident, certain victims have rights to pursue filing an injury claim for compensation pay to cover the unexpected expenses from medical bills and property repairs. Hiring best of best injury attorneys may reduce your worries and anxiety while in the process of recuperation and letting your hired attorneys do their job. Ryan LLP is an injury law firm that is based in Ohio who professionally represents victims of personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death against individuals to large companies who are liable to them as they maybe because of negligent management or for other reasons. Call our office now if you are caught in a road accident and get a free quotation and legal advice. 

In this blog, we are going to talk about all types of car accidents that commonly happen on our daily road routes and hoping that this knowledge can be of any use in the future. 

Head-On Crash

As the name suggests, head-on crashes are types of road crash where two car crash to each other which first contact is the hood  or the front part of a car. It is deemed as one of the worst type of accident that could possibly happen out of or caused by simply travel speed. The momentum the car had stored up and the given weight of the car makes the scene unimaginably bad that could lead to death most of the time. 

In some explanations, head-on crashes happen because one of the driver involved in the accident swerves out of their lane in their desire to overtake a vehicle in their lane and simultaneously, the other driver as well is out of his lane and this could result to the undesirable accident of high speed vehicles. Other reasons for head-on crashes to occur is when one of the drivers is under the influence of alcohol or drugs as it dramatically decrease or impair their senses, delay their reactime time and discord of coordination and since they are drunk at the moment, they are likely to speed up and may end up having a direct encounter with a vehicle. To give light, the lightest consequences records are whiplash and non-severe head injuries, though it requires immediate medical attention as it has tendencies to develop complications and even death. 

Rear-End Crash 

Though most rear-end crashes doesn't end up in fatal casualties on the record, but it results in severe injuries even if both vehicles involved in the accident is moving at slow speed. it could result in injuries in neck and back as rear-end crashes hits the back of the car and with physics given, the force passes through the car from the external. Specifically, whiplash, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and spinal cord issues are most common sustained injuries in a rear-end crash. 

In retrospect, common causes of rear-end crashes are drivers who are distracted or overspeeding who doesn't have time to react for the incoming vehicle up-front. Some driving behaviors that can be considered as distracted while driving are:

  • Eating 
  • Talking
  • Using phone
  • Blanking out or contemplating

Though, generally not every driver who uses their phones are practicing distracted driving or averting their attention to something else but some of them are using their phones to use traffic navigating apps to help their way out of an unknown district. 

T-bone Accidents 

T-bone accidents or t-bone style accidents are type of road accidents where a car's front hits the side of another which forms a T-style. These accidents are common at intersections where miscommunication and distracted drivers cause it to occur. The people who are in the side or the passengers are most susceptible for sustaining mostly broken bones and severe injuries as stated, that it commonly hits the side of a car. Since even if it is slow, the momentum and weight of car compensates for its speed. 

Rollover Car Accidents 

In the recent types of car accidents mentioned above, most of them involve atleast two car for it to happen, but rollover crash only involves one and it doesn't mean that the only cause is the driver as there are other causes for a rollover crash to happen such as bad road and weather conditions and car errors. 

Tire blow-outs, brake issues and steering issues, specifically, are common causes of rollover crashes speeding aside. Though these causes may not be intentional, but if the victim has sustained significant injuries, them the liability is blamed on you as you didn't checked your own car for its road-worthiness. The victim is entitled for filing his/her injury claim against your insurer.

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