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cleveland brain injury lawyer

Sustaining a brain injury is life-altering. It can lead to physical, mental, and emotional problems that are challenging to overcome. You may need rehabilitation or need to relearn skills for daily activities after an injury.

Traumatic brain injuries are severe, so the cost of medical treatment for this injury is expensive. Brain damages are often permanent and would need extensive maintenance therapy. You must be fairly compensated for your losses.

If someone else’s negligence caused your brain injuries, then you may be entitled to compensation for the damages you receive. Hiring a Cleveland brain injury attorney is crucial in this situation. The experienced Cleveland brain injury lawyer at Ryan LLP can help you negotiate your settlement with the insurance company.

Our Cleveland Brain Injury Lawyer can help you if you suffer from brain injuries due to another’s negligence in Cleveland

Establishing a solid case is crucial to receiving fair compensation. Our Top Cleveland brain injury law firm can help you with your brain injury case. Our Cleveland traumatic brain injury lawyer has years of experience and knowledge. We successfully defended many victims of wrongful brain injuries in the past.

Cleveland spinal cord injury attorneys are knowledgeable of local statutes and laws about your case. They can help you by providing a thorough case analysis. Our professional Cleveland brain injury lawyers will help you understand your case and provide helpful legal advice.

Severe traumatic brain injury victims are entitled to receive compensation for their damages from the liable parties. Cleveland brain injury lawyers will help you stand up against insurance companies so they won’t decrease the value of your case.

Evidence is vital to establish a solid case. Our Cleveland brain injury attorneys will help you collect the necessary evidence to support your claim. In our law firm, we take brain injury cases seriously, which is why we provide the best quality of service to our clients.



Our experienced brain injury attorneys successfully defended many clients of similar cases in the past. We help various clients receive proper compensation for their damages. Some of the most common issues we handle are listed below.


Car accidents are common in the Cleveland area, and many of them result in severe brain injuries. In the event that you are involved in a car accident, knowing what injuries can result from the impact is essential. The following are the most commonly encountered type of brain injuries in a car accident.

  • Concussion: A heavy blow to the head causes this type of brain injury. The symptoms of a concussion may not appear immediately after an accident.
  • Diffuse Axonal Injury: This happens when the brain experiences a sudden shift in position during an accident. As the brain shifts, the connecting fibers in the brain called axons are severed.
  • Contusion: These are localized damages to the brain. A contusion can progress to brain herniation, wherein the brain is squeezed past the skull.
  • Open Head Injury: An open head injury means an object penetrates the victim’s scalp. This injury requires immediate surgery to prevent further progression.
  • Acquired Brain Injury: This injury is not caused by external trauma. Lack of oxygen delivered to the brain can cause a severe brain injury.


Failure to conduct proper medical procedures can cause severe damages to the patient. Your doctor and other medical staff are expected to ensure the safety of their patients during a hospital visit. The patient can suffer the following risks from medical malpractice.

  • Lack of oxygen delivery to the brain: Anoxia or Hypoxia could happen from medical malpractice. Lack of oxygen to the brain can pose serious health risks.
  • Blood clots: Several medical procedures can cause blood clots if done incorrectly. Blood clots in the brain can cause loss of senses, speech defects, and severe seizures.
  • Hemorrhage: Incorrect brain surgery can cause internal bleeding. A cerebral hemorrhage can cause seizures, loss of vision, and loss of fine motor skills.
  • Aneurysm: This causes an abnormal bulge in the vessel of the brain. An incorrect brain surgery technique can lead to this damage.


Fall accidents can cause severe brain damages from an external blunt force trauma. Older adults are the usual victim of a traumatic slip and fall accident. Brain damages associated with falling accidents are concussion, concussion, and close head injuries.


The number of gunshot wound cases in the United States, particularly in Ohio, is staggering. In most cases, it’s rare to survive a gunshot to the head. Surviving victims often suffer from severe and permanent brain damage.


Intense contact sports such as boxing or football can cause severe and permanent damages to the brain. A chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a brain injury caused by repeated strong blows on the head. CTE can cause memory loss, disorientation, chronic headaches, and difficulty in thinking.


Severe brain injury victims commonly experience short-term memory loss. Because of impaired brain function, a victim may have a hard time remembering previous events. Currently, there’s no known cure for short-term memory loss.

Victims may also have poor judgment and critical thinking as a result. Brain injuries can lower brain processes, which is why TBI victims may have a hard time comprehending simple concepts.

Other symptoms involved in a TBI are visual disturbances, lack of coordination, and loss of senses. Some TBI symptoms may not present themselves right after the accident. 

Victims can only observe other TBI symptoms after a few days from the accident. The brain is a significant organ in the body. Without it, many of our bodily functions cannot work correctly.



Depending on the severity of the damage, a victim may experience long-term to permanent effects. In severe cases, a traumatic brain injury may even lead to death. Most long-term brain damages are irreversible.

  • Paralysis: A severe brain damage can affect the victim’s motor skills. In some cases, victims of TBI experience partial or full-body paralysis.
  • Vision problems: Traumatic brain injury victims usually experience a decline in their vision. In rare cases, a victim can go blind after an accident damaging their brain.
  • Short or long-term memory loss: Memory loss is a common occurrence in brain injury cases. Unfortunately, this damage is irreversible and affects the victim’s cognitive skills permanently.
  • Defects in fine-motor skills: Traumatic brain injury victims usually their manual dexterity. Fine motor skills are essential in writing, drawing, and other skills requiring hand-eye coordination.


A traumatic brain injury victim can recover compensation for damages affecting their finances. They can demand payment for their medical treatment and future medical expenses. If a victim cannot report back to work because of his injuries, he can demand compensation for his lost wages.

Victims also have the legal right to demand compensation for their emotional distress and suffering. If a victim dies due to their injuries, their spouse can receive compensation for loss of consortium.

Our Cleveland TBI lawyers will help you recover maximum compensation for your damages. We will relentlessly fight for your rights.


Traumatic brain injuries are usually associated with vehicular accidents or slip and fall accidents. If you are hurt because of another person’s negligence, you can demand compensation for your sustained damages. You are entitled to receive a personal injury claim for your incurred damages.

After a TBI diagnosis, you must call an experienced brain injury lawyer to handle your case. They will conduct a thorough case investigation and help you gather helpful evidence for your TBI case. At Ryan, LLP, our personal injury lawyers are experienced in dealing with TBI cases.


Our experienced brain injury lawyers are renowned for their skills and years of proven experience. Our lawyers defended numerous victims against unfair insurance companies and defendants who deny responsibilities. We helped our clients assure justice for their personal injury cases.

We were able to do the following for our former clients:

  • Our client received a $4.5 million jury verdict for their lost limb from a workplace accident.
  • Our client received a $950,000 jury verdict for medical malpractice causing permanent injury during the open-heart surgery.
  • Our client received $1.5 million compensation for a surgery incident resulting in permanent damage.


What is the statute of limitations for a brain injury claim in Cleveland, Ohio?

Ohio Revised Code § 2305.10 (A) states that personal injury cases have a two-year limitation. This means that a victim can only hold the defendant liable for two years. Once the two-year limitations have passed, the victim can no longer hold the defendant accountable. But in some cases, the time limit can be as short as six months only. Talk to one of our personal injury lawyers to learn more about the statute of limitations for personal injury cases.

How much is a head injury claim worth?

There is no specific value to a head injury case. Your cash value will depend on the severity of the damage you received and the complexity of your case. You must discuss this with your Cleveland personal injury lawyer to set an expectation on how much you can obtain for your injuries.

Is traumatic brain injury a permanent disability?

Traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent disability. A doctor cannot reverse several types of traumatic brain damages.


Yes! Hiring a Cleveland personal injury lawyer who handles traumatic brain injury cases can help you a lot with your personal injury case. These professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in handling brain accident cases.

What should I do if my loved one died due to brain injuries caused by another’s negligence?

If a negligent individual causes a traumatic brain injury, you can hold them accountable for your loved one’s death. If this is the case, you should contact a brain injury lawyer immediately. It would be best if you started to work on building your case with your lawyer as soon as possible.


A irresponsible conduct might result in serious injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). If a negligent individual victimizes you or your loved one, you should call an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately. At Ryan LLP, we are dedicated to helping victims pursue justice and compensation for their damages.

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