Rainy Season Driving

Rainy Season Driving

Rainy Season Driving Car accidents are caused by different factors, either small or huge, they could contribute for an occurrence of an accident. In previous blogs, we have talked about mechanical errors and human errors which tend to result in fatal accidents. However, environment-dependent factors such as bad road condition caused by negligence and weather condition that has rendered several road users to lose control over their vehicle, offered little to none vision, and other negative driving factors that could lead to accident. In continuation of our weather-related car accident blogs such as winter season road accidents, next is rainy season driving experience and its entailed risks. This blog will shed light to road users about driving during rainy season its risks, what options and countermeasures do they have, and legal actions they can do if they have been involved or caused the crash during rainy season.  Rainy Season Accidents in Retrospect These numbers below are from Federal Highway Administration (FHA)'s observation that has spanned from 2007 up to 2016, a 10 year average and percentages:
  • Rain-related accidents from 2007-2016 has resulted in 556,151 crashes that led to 212,647 persons who have sustained injuries and 2,473 persons have died.
  • Speaking of percentage, involvement of rain in weather-related accidents at 10% from all crashes, 10% from total sustenance of injuries from crash, and 8% of crash that has resulted in fatalities. And in 10 year average scale, thes percentages rise up 5-fold, specifically, 46% of weather-related crashes, 51% of weather-related injuries, and 46% of weather-related fatalities.
  • There are around 5.9 million vehicle crashes that occur yearly on average, among these numbers, 21% of them are weather related (1.2 million).
  • According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the average number of people who have been fatally involved in a car accident is around 5,000 and 418,000 has sustained injuries in weather-related crashes each year such as rain.
Tips on Safe Travel During Rainy Season
  1. Check weather broadcast before travelling
  2. Make sure your car's tires are good for wet road and is in generally good condition.
  3. Headlights must be turned on
  4. When not managable, pull over slowly and with caution
  5. Drive slow, allow other drivers to have space as well

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